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Managed Payroll (BridgeSEA) - Globe Business

Achieve Digital Payroll Transformation

Offload your payroll processes to experts, so you can focus on your core business.

End-to-End Payroll Solution

Manage the complete employee life cycle (hire to retire) in one intuitive system. Aside from achieving digital payroll transformation, your business can also get recommendations on industry best practices from certified payroll partners.

Web-Based Platform

Access the platform whenever, wherever there is internet. Your offsite workforce can use any digital device to log attendance and manage schedules and leaves. Your HR personnel can also get insightful reports for tracking and better decision-making.

Highly Customizable System

Seamlessly integrate our software and service with your existing payroll processes. With an improved workflow, you can lessen administrative time spent on timekeeping and payroll, helping enhance your workforce's productivity and efficiency.

Talk to a Business Partner

Find out how Managed Payroll (BridgeSEA) can benefit your business operations.