Back up and Restore Critical Data

Globe’s cloud facilities are designed to provide a secure and reliable service, ensuring that your information is always in safe hands.

Optimize Your Backup Process

Multiple servers support the backup of large data quantities and enable continuous tracking to help you save on time and labor costs.

Safeguard the Integrity of Your Data

Our carrier-grade equipment stores your information off site in the case of disasters and ensures that it is safe from corruption.

Simplify Your Management

Streamline your efforts when you work with just one provider. We have technical engineers who are always on and ready to provide assistance.

Ensure Reliability and Redundancy

Our data centers are equipped with redundancies in power and configuration, protecting your data round the clock to provide peace of mind.

Talk to a Business Advisor

Find out how Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) can benefit your business operations.

The Business Advisor

A data-driven strategy for business

Learn why the availability and immediate access of data is crucial in developing business strategies and ensuring business continuity.