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Domestic Data Solutions - Globe Business

Strengthen Your Business for Nation Building

Fueled by Intelligent Network, our solutions support your evolving data and connectivity needs and empower your business to contribute to our country's economic growth.

Stay Connected

Gain access to a Fiber Optic Backbone Network (FOBN), which provides multiple options to support seamless connectivity.

Maintain Resilience

Rely on a network that provides multi-path or multi-route options for continuous data connectivity, especially during disasters.

Amplify Your Growth

Optimize your business growth with the help of high capacity and scalable connectivity.

Intelligent Network

Intelligent Network is a collection of key architectures in the innovation of telecommunication and access networking.

Discover how it helps to manage your voice and data needs, optimize operations, and expand business reach.

Domestic Data Solutions

Explore our range of solutions that can help address your business requirements.

Talk to a Business Partner

Find out how our Domestic Data solutions can benefit your business operations.


International Data

Tap on our diverse network to connect your local business to the world, and introduce your global business to more opportunities in the Philippines.
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Data Center

Outsource your data center hosting and management, so you can focus more on your business.
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Remain efficient and agile in the face of evolving business environments while keeping costs low.
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Learn how to keep your business safe across every step of your digital journey.
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