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Intelligent Network - Globe Business

Handle Your Corporate Network Easily

Create further opportunities with our Intelligent Network, which has an embedded intelligence that provide scalability and improved Quality-of-Service, giving enhanced network control, management, and more efficient service provisioning.

Manage Data Needs

Maximize the efficiency of a network with Modernized Corporate Data Nodes and Software Defined-Network functionalities for bandwidth (BW) calendaring and BW on-demand.

Optimize Operations

Perform tasks faster with a network capable of serving 10 G access BW and designed with an Optical Core Network (express/distribution lanes) with 100 Gbps to 1 Tbps speeds.

Expand Business Reach

Reduce costs with Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and allocate expenditure on scaling your operations to Intelligent Network-powered key growth areas nationwide.

Talk to a Business Partner

Find out how Intelligent Network can benefit your business operations.