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International Data Connectivity Solutions - Globe Business

Connect Your Business to the World

Seamlessly run your global operations and accelerate business growth with Globe’s International Data solutions.

Enhance International Communications

Attract increased global investment when you eliminate the distance and physical borders with our diverse international network.

Enjoy Network Scalability

Address your business requirements with our international data network that uses a scalable wavelength technology ranging from 100G to 400G.

Count on Reliable Connection

Assure your seamless day-to-day operations and business continuity with our diverse cable that bypasses the ring of fire.

SEA-US Cable System

The 14,500-kilometer SEA-US cable system bypasses earthquake zones in Southeast Asia for an enhanced resilient connectivity. Explore how it can provide your business great international capacity at high speed and low latency.

International Data Solutions

Explore our range of solutions that can help address your business requirements.

Talk to a Business Partner

Find out how International Data can benefit your business operations.