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International Private Line (IPL) - Globe Business

Connect Around the World

Take your business to global horizons with Globe's International Private Line (IPL) that connects your branches and partners from the Philippines to around the world.

Highly Secured Connection

Establish a safe connection to keep your data protected.

Seamless Interconnection

Develop smooth communication to improve efficiency in operations.

Easy Connectivity In/Out of Country

Transfer data with ease wherever you are in the world.


Our Connectivity Services

IPL Time Division Multiplexing (TDM)

Connect using a point-to-point private leased line service that provides undeviating connectivity, network security, and high service reliability.


  • Protection and Synchronization Mechanism
  • High class support, 24/7 service availability

IPL Ethernet

Reach contacts with a point-to-point high bandwidth connectivity of a traditional leased line and bandwidth scalability of Ethernet.


  • Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDHA) Technology
  • Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)

Bilateral IPL

Link partners from the Philippines to around the world using high-speed international communication and seamless interconnection.


  • Speed ranging from 64 Kbps to 2.5 Gbps
  • Bandwidth Sources: T1, E1, DS3, STM1, STM4, STM16, STM64
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