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Partnered with the best global cybersecurity providers, Globe offers a holistic suite of cybersecurity solutions and services that help enterprises identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover from cyber threats.


Secure your enterprise assets with CyberSecure.

Be aware of the cybersecurity threats to your company. Get cyber protection for as low as the cost of your car insurance. Subscribe today or schedule a consultation with a PhilInsure Insurance Broker to learn more.


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Check your readiness against cyber threats through our self-assessment test on Data Privacy Algorithm (DPA) compliance and security posture.

Secure Every Outcome

More than protecting your business against cyber threats, Globe Cybersecurity secures for you the possibilities of a resilient and fearless business.

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Powered by the Best in the Business

Globe has proven capabilities to deploy solutions through key technology partners.


Leverage an intelligence-driven cybersecurity service to prevent, detect, and respond to cyberattacks. Through supervised machine learning and analytics, Secureworks has the technology for automated and accelerated event detection, correlation, and contextualization.


Get fast and secure policy-based access to internally and externally managed applications, anytime and anywhere. The largest cloud security platform in the world, Zscaler processes more than 100 billion transactions and detects about 100 million threats per day from users across 185 countries.


Equip your business with contextually rich investigation reports to prevent incidents, reduce breach impact, and accelerate response using prescriptive remediation recommendations. FireEye has over two decades of experience and more than one million hours per year on the frontlines of cyberattacks.

Check Point

Secure your cloud Infrastructure with advanced threat prevention solutions that deliver multi-layered defenses to proactively stop malware and zero-day attacks. Check Point is a leading provider of cloud cybersecurity solutions to corporate enterprises and governments globally.

Check Point

Secure Internet Access (SIA) Bundles

Ensure that your organization stays connected and protected with cybersecurity bundles from best-in-class providers.

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