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FireEye File Content Security (FX Series) - Globe Business

Safeguard Your Data

FireEye File Content Security (FX Series) products help detect, address, and prevent attacks by scanning files for signs of malicious threats.

Protect Your File Networks

Scan individual files, hard drives, all file domains, and block malware discovered in network file storage and content sharing systems.

Fill All Security Gaps

Analyze a broad set of file types and identify known and unknown latent malware that bypasses conventional antivirus products.

Optimize Server Capability

Scan CIFS and NFS-compatible file shares, on-demand or scheduled, without affecting server performance.

Secure SharePoint Systems

Leverage WebDAV protocol to proactively scan SharePoint document management systems.

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The Business Advisor

The Reality of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a necessity for any company. There may be no absolute remedy for a threat, but there are simple ways to prevent it.