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Enrich your day-to-day operations with Samsung Galaxy S9 | S9+ Plans.

S9 Yours at 2499*

*Plan 1499 + P24,000 cash-out

(P1,000 per month for 24 months)

S9+ Yours at 2832**

**Plan 1499 + P31,992 cash-out

(P1,333 per month for 24 months)

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Do business as usual the unusual way with Samsung Galaxy S9 | S9+.
DeX for Enterprise

Access, edit, and save files in your phone with a desktop view using DeX Pad.

Samsung Knox

Manage your team’s devices and update firmware easier and more secure.

Streamlined Multitasking

Pair two apps you often use and launch them at once using App Pair.

Dual Aperture

Capture images in any environment, from shooting products on warehouse shelves to documenting conditions in the field.

Intelligent Scan

Unlock your mobile with a glance using Iris Scanner and Facial Recognition technology.

Super Slow-mo

Record the slowed down realities at work and include them in your next presentation.