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Domestic Data Services - Globe myBusiness

Ensure Stable Connections

Get speedy and reliable connectivity services for your business.

Diverse Cable Facility

Connections are supported by submarine cable facilities on multiple international Points-of-Presence (POPs) terminated to two cable landing stations in the Philippines.

Seamless Connection

Fiber Optic Backbone Network (FOBN) transmission is utilized to provide alternate connections.

Resilient Service

Major loops and subtending rings across the country provide back-up connections in case of failure during calamities or catastrophic events.

Fast, Scalable, and Secure Connectivity

Domestic Leased Line

Keep your information and network secure with data services backed by a resilient and robust data network built specifically to address your operational needs.


Connect your sites into Wide Area Network (WAN) as if they are connected to a Local Area Network (LAN), via a global Certified Carrier Ethernet network.

Private IP

Entrust your connectivity solution to Globe’s reliable network with Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) to ensure secure connection within your private network.
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Get answers on how to use Domestic Data Services to improve your business.