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International Data Services - Globe myBusiness

Seamlessly Link Abroad

Connect to other international submarine cable systems with the budget that suits your needs.

Fully Connected

Connect to five international cable systems: TGN-IA (Tata Global Network - Intra-Asia), C2C (City to City), APCN2 (Asia-Pacific Cable Network 2), EAC (East Asia Cable), and SJC (Southeast Asia-Japan Cable).

Resilient and Diverse Connection

Operate with reliable connections and fluid traffic to other countries and international submarine cable systems through cable diversity.

Secured Data

Protect data connections from illegal or disruptive access.

Maximize Cost-Effective Connectivity

Bilateral International Private Line

Expand your business by connecting branches and partners from the Philippines to and around the world.

Managed International Data Services

Deliver the cost benefits and flexibility of a shared network environment with a private IP service solution leveraging multiprotocol label switching technology.
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