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Know Your Current Digital Set-Up

Take a FREE business assessment test and discover tools to build a better business with Digitest.

Quick Assessment

Answer only nine simple questions, and you’ll know the current state of your business and receive recommendations tailor-fit to your needs.

Downloadable PDF Results

You can download and receive the FREE personalized PDF result via email to use as a guide for strengthening your digitization efforts.

Customizable Roadmap

Digitest helps you look into your business’s current state and create informed decisions based on SME best practices and industry trends.

The Stages of a Business’ Digital Journey

1. Digital Rookie

New ventures that trust traditional ways of doing business are realizing how the evolving business landscape calls for a change in strategy. These businesses are in the best position to discover how digital solutions and technologies can help them thrive.

1. Digital Rookie
2. Digital Shifter

The tried-and-tested ways of growing businesses may have been challenged by the changing times. As a response, these businesses are scaling up with digital solutions for better operations. They’re ready to explore more technologies to keep up the momentum.

2. Digital Shifter
3. Digital Eager Beaver

Starting companies with the digital know-how need to pave their road to success. Using the latest technology helps them grow their businesses faster, and they’re on the look-out for more ways to keep growing.

3. Digital Eager Beaver
4. Digital Game Changer

These are the mavericks in the digital field—quick to try new technologies and shift their practices when needed. These businesses are looking for more ways to stay ahead through exploring opportunities they may not have exhausted yet.

4. Digital Game Changer

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Answer a few questions to learn your current digital setup and discover tools for your success.

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