Connect Your Workforce without Overspending

Get a fixed monthly plan within your budget, while allowing employees to easily top up as needed.

Reload Hassle-Free

Skip the manual reloading as you automatically get your monthly load allocation and receive the bill.

Maintain Your Budget

Get a fixed amount of load monthly that’s enough for your needs.

Communicate Seamlessly

Stay connected with your employees and customers with a selection of relevant voice, SMS, and data plans.

Set Your Plans Based on Budget

Choose among our SIM-only plan options or get the one that already comes with a handset.

Got a Question?

Get answers on how to use Fixed Budget Plan to improve your business.


How can I avail of a Fixed Budget Plan?

Fixed Budget Plan is a prepaid service with a postpaid bill. It has a monthly promo load allowance that’s credited to the availed line.

How will the Fixed Budget Plan benefit me or my business?

With a Fixed Budget Plan, there’s no overspending and no need for manual promo registration. It is also flexible as subscribers can top-up outside their monthly allowance for usages outside the plan.

Who can avail of a Fixed Budget Plan?

A Fixed Budget Plan is perfect for you or your business if:

  • you have a manpower-extensive business or company;
  • your employees do office work and field work;
  • your employees need to always stay connected to meet business demands
  • you are maintaining a budget.

How much is a Fixed Budget Plan?

Please see the rates of our Fixed Budget Plans below.



Fixed Budget Plan 299 (SIM-only)


Fixed Budget Plan 399 (SIM-only)


Fixed Budget Plan 599 (SIM-only)


Fixed Budget Plan 599 (with device)

P599 + preferred device cash-out