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Improve Your Customer Journey

Build brand preference by using automation to make your customers feel well taken care of throughout their buying experience.

Automate Processes

Integrate API actions that react to specific event triggers based on your ideal customer journey and your business’ workflow, so you never have to miss a beat.

Delight Your Customers

Offer more choices to your customers like paying for their purchases through their Globe bill, or providing data-free access to your mobile apps.

Personalize the Experience

Send automated reminders and confirmations from your web or mobile application using your brand name.

Our APIs

Move your business forward and transform customer experience with our telco APIs. Sign up now.

m360 SMS API

Program automated messages like One-Time-Pin (OTP) or Order Confirmation are sent out after specific triggers like logging in or transaction completion.

Voice API

Automate voice calls like bill due date reminders or create Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions like hotline menus.

Load/Rewards API

Send load to employees or build a rewards program with Globe Prepaid load as an incentive.


Integrate Globe APIs into your business for more efficiency, security, and profitability.


  • Easily integrate game-changing features into your existing systems.

  • Reduce capital investment with less groundwork development.

  • Verify account to secure transactions with One Time Pin (OTP) via SMS or email.


  • Build interactive SMS-based solutions for a range of transactions.

  • Offer more payment channels for customers.

  • Reward customer and employee loyalty.


  • Easily send updates and notifications to parents and students via SMS.

  • Ensure safety of everyone on campus using RFID.

  • Send rewards to top academic performers.


How to Boost Your Business with API

What are APIs? And which API can help make your business operations easier? Shawn from Globe Business has the answers.

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