Innovating the Learning Experience

Edmodo is a social network for learning that promotes collaboration among teachers and students worldwide for better learning and classroom management.

Accessible Content

Upload lessons and assessments in one platform, so students and teachers can access anytime, anywhere.

Real-Time Feedback

Receive messages and comments from students, and get direct feedback on their schoolwork progress.

All Resources Under One Roof

Store and organize syllabi, course outlines, project notes, and papers in one system.

Healthy Collaboration

Promote discussion among teachers and students, and provide a venue to make learning more fun and engaging.

Learning Just Got Social

Join the world's largest social network for learning that's useful for students, teachers, school administrators, and even parents.

For Students

  • Keep track of all the school events, org meetings, and exam periods with the built-in planner.
  • Send your teachers a message to clarify a formula that always confuses you or create a group chat with your lab partners to discuss your next steps for the project.
  • Unlock new fields of interest by heading over to Discover, where you can find other topics and activities that will spark your curiosity.

For Teachers

  • Use communication tools like Posts and Messages to encourage your students by giving them feedback on their progress.
  • Create quizzes, syllabi, and other learning materials right on the platform to better engage students and help improve their understanding.
  • Reach out to fellow teachers from all over the world to get their insights and learn their methods that you can adapt in your classes.

For School Administrators

  • Gain the tools and resources that you can share with your teachers to help them become qualified.
  • Connect with other schools and create an atmosphere of camaraderie that paves the way for better collaboration.
  • Provide your teachers with the latest technology and coaching they need for their professional development.

For Parents

  • Keep track of your child’s school performance by getting real-time access to their assignment or quiz scores as soon as their teacher posts the grades.
  • Always be in the loop for all school activities and events.
  • Keep open communication with the teachers, so you can work together and make your child’s learning development a success.

Transform Your Learning Experience

Learn more about Edmodo and be a part of the world's largest social media network for education.

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