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In Partnership for Better Health

Globe Business is your trusted partner in providing innovative solutions for a remarkable healthcare experience. Digitize your hospital information system, so you can optimize processes and offer better care for your patients.

Put the Patient First

Support clinical decision-making with synced physician-patient information and data.

Create Seamless Communications

Facilitate a smooth information exchange across multiple departments and units.

Access Accurate Data

Enable services digitally for easy access to accurate information.

Foster Trust and Confidence

Build a strong healthcare provider-patient relationship through quality service.

Go Digital to Future-Proof Your Hospital

Adapt to evolving patient needs. Streamline processes from admission to discharge, and achieve greater efficiency and better patient experience. Our integrated Hospital Information System (HIS) platform is specially designed to help you manage medical, financial, and administrative functions.

Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System

Create a Seamless Administrative Process

The patient experience begins at the first touchpoint. Provide a better one by lessening the lead time from admission to discharge and keeping patients’ records accurate and updated. Boost operational efficiency with the Hospital Management System and improve customer satisfaction.


•  Admission Module

•  Nursing Services Module

• Dietary Services Module

•  Renal Care Services Module

•  Ancillary Services Module

•  Examinations Module

•  Cashiering Module

•  Billing Module

•  Patient Post Processing Module

•  Credit and Collection Module

•  Admission Module

•  Nursing Services Module

•  Dietary Services Module

•  Renal Care Services Module

•  Ancillary Services Module

•  Examinations Module

•  Cashiering Module

•  Billing Module

•  Patient Post Processing Module

•  Credit and Collection Module

Human Resource and Information System

Human Resource and Information System

Access an HR System Designed for You

The heart of the hospital is its people who provide patient care. Ensure timely and relevant support to your employees and internal stakeholders with a system designed for hospitals. Human Resource and Information System is equipped with easy data entry, time and benefits management, and payroll management tools.


•  Human Resource Dashboard

•  Employees Management Module

•  Doctors Management Module

•  Requests Management

•  Employee Dashboard

•  Employee Profile

•  Employee Requests

•  Payroll Management

•  Loans Request and Approval

•  Loans Payment

•  Employee Charge Request and Approval

•  Employee Advance Request and Approval

•  Employee Leave Request and Approval

•  Employee Shift Change Request and Approval

•  Employee Credentials Request and Approval

•  Employee Overtime Request and Approval

•  Attendance Management Module

•  System Maintenance

•  System Users Management Module

•  File Path Settings Management Module

•  Activities Management Module

Financial Accounting Management System

Financial Accounting Management System

Stay Ahead of Auditor Requirements

With a large entity as a hospital, there are countless financial transactions and processes happening simultaneously every day. It can be a challenge to track and consolidate these transactions using manual processes. The Financial Accounting Management System helps you track audit logs for all general ledger entries. It provides secure access to every level of the finance team for a seamless and communicative system.


•  Accounting Dashboard

•  Journal Dashboard

•  Journals

•  Beginning Balance Module

•  Chart of Accounts Management Module

•  Bank Series Management Module

•  Disbursement Voucher Module

•  Manual Voucher Management

•  Petty Cash Voucher Management

•  Budget Monitoring

•  ERP Accounting Settings

•  Accounting Templates Management Module

•  Accounting Reports

•  Internal and External Reports

•  Payroll Debit Memo

Electronic Clinical Records

Electronic Clinical Records

Keep Medical Records Updated

Patient records are the main reference of hospital staff in providing the right care to patients. Keep digital records accurate, up-to-date, and accessible through Electronic Clinical Records. You can also improve PhilHealth eClaims processing by easily organizing and getting the needed documents through this module.


•  Dashboard

•  Patient Details

•  Demographics

•  Initial Assessment

•  Shifting Assessment

•  Physicians’ Notes

•  Laboratory Results

•  Medications

•  Nurses Notes and Documents

•  Discharge Summary

•  Case History

Infection Prevention and Control Module

Infection Prevention and Control Module

Keep Infections under Control

The surveillance of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) is crucial in the healthcare industry. Empower your institution to monitor and track vulnerable patients by automating the statistics of infectious cases with the Infection Prevention and Control Module. Let the Infection Control Committee collect data and calculate infection rates to help you allocate hospital resources accurately.


In compliance with the National eHealth program, surveillance data and calculation of infection rates for reporting is automated. Monitor active patients with rendered items relating to possible Healthcare Associated Infections:

•  Dashboard

•  Patient Details

•  Demographics

•  Initial Assessment

•  Shifting Assessment

•  Physicians’ Notes

Material Management System

Material Management System

Monitor Inventory in Real Time

With the number of different items and supplies needed to run a hospital, it is easy for things to slip through the cracks. Keep a tight inventory on your fast-moving items and avoid spending on unnecessary and costly orders. Establish your budget per department based on a real-time consumption report with the Material Management System.


•  Items and Services Module

•  Suppliers Module

•  Stock Requests

•  Purchase Order and Purchase

•  Order Approval

•  Delivery Module

•  Stock Issuance Module

•  Material Production Module

•  Inventory Items

•  Materials Management Reports

•  Return to Supplier

•  Return to Warehouse

•  Maintenance

PhilHealth eClaims Portal

PhilHealth eClaims Portal

Expedite eClaims Submission

PhilHealth claims are vital for a hospital’s financial health, but errors and returns lead to costly delays. Use system-generated attachments for claim forms, refer to updated PhilHealth deductions, and make the process painless with the PhilHealth eClaims Portal.


•  Patient Claim Application Management Module

•  Outright Deduction Management Module

•  Check eClaims Status

•  Patient List

•  PHIC Transmittal

•  HCI Settings Module

Fixed Asset Management

Fixed Asset Management

Manage Your Assets with Ease

Tag your assets and automate the control and monitoring of job orders for asset repairs with the Fixed Asset Management module.


•  Asset Registry

•  Asset Inventory

•  Asset Relocation

•  Asset Maintenance

•  Asset Depreciation

•  Asset Disposal

Clinic Management System

Clinic Management System

Create an Integrated Environment

Foster a collaborative ecosystem between your hospital administration and private clinics on premises with the Clinic Management System. Access digital records of patients per doctor pertaining to ancillary service transactions, including inpatient and outpatient information.


•  Patients (Private Doctors Management)

•  Current transactions (Data)

•  Appointment Scheduling

•  Doctor’s List of Patients

•  Income Record

•  User Access

Laboratory Information System

Laboratory Information System

Efficiently Manage Lab Operations

Monitor laboratory consumables and improve the process pipeline from request acceptance to the announcement of results. Through online viewing with the Laboratory Information System, you can facilitate and automate laboratory requisitions with ease.


•  Dashboard

•  Patient Profile

•  Laboratory Requests

•  Case Investigation Form Generation

•  PHIC CF2 form Generation

•  Barcode-enabled Workflow Process

•  Specimen Collection and Tracking

•  Automated Integration with Laboratory Machine (based on Manufacturer)

•  Automated Generation of DOH Forms and Reports

•  Laboratory Results Encoding and Review

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