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Inventory Management Solution - Globe Business

Reduce Manual Errors, Maximize Profits

Inventory Management solution enables you to track and view updates from inventory, purchasing, accounting, order and sales management, up to delivery of the products or goods to customers.

Warehouse & Inventory

Update, add, and deduct stocks easily through a single dashboard.

Purchase Management

File purchase orders and update inventory in real-time.

Sales Management

File and monitor sales orders.

Reports & Analytics

View system-generated inventory reports and list of top selling products.

Digitize Your Supply Chain Operations

Complete Customer Support

Get one-time product training and onboarding, 24/7 access to the Inventory Management dashboard, and technical support assistance via chat and email from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Local Operations Set-Up

Equip your business with a solution that's designed specifically for Philippine-based operations and taxation requirements.

Payment Made Easy

Once availed, this solution has a one year lock-up period. You can expect to receive your bill every month.