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KonsultaMD - Globe myBusiness

Give the Gift of Health to Your Employees

Get 24/7 affordable health assistance for you and your employees through KonsultaMD.

Affordable Telehealthcare Plan

Health assistance for your employees is now cost-efficient and convenient for as low as P1 per day.

24/7 Doctors

Call anytime. Connect and let your employees be assisted by licensed Filipino doctors.

No Appointment Needed

Talk to a doctor immediately. Get medical assessment, basic healthcare, and permissible medication right away.

Unlimited Teleconsultations

Call the KonsultaMD hotlines without limit. Calls are free for Globe/TM customers.

Provide peace of mind to your manpower with KonsultaMD now!

Step 1

Sign-up for a monthly subscription to KonsultaMD here.

Step 2

Wait for the SMS confirmation to be notified that your subscription is now active.

Step 3

Let your employees call 79880 on mobile or (02) 7798-8000 on landline for consultations.

Step 4

Discuss the health or medical concern with the KonsultaMD specialist for proper assessment and permissible medication.

Got a Question?

Let us help you understand how KonsultaMD can benefit your employees and improve your business.


What is KonsultaMD?

KonsultaMD is a 24/7 health hotline service manned by skilled and licensed Filipino doctors who provide medical assessment and advice, including basic healthcare and permissible medication over the phone.

How do I use the service once I subscribe?

Once you’re informed via SMS regarding the activation of your subscription, you may immediately use the service by calling the 24/7 KonsultaMD hotlines at 79880 (mobile) and (02) 7798-8000 (landline).

How many times can I consult in a week or a month? Is this unlimited consultation?

Yes, it is unlimited consultation as long as you pay the per minute call.

I liked how the last doctor I talked to handled my concern. Can I request for the same doctor/doctor the next time I call?

Due to the volume of calls, there is no guarantee that your call will be routed to the same doctor. Similarly, the selection of a preferred doctor is not allowed. Rest assured that all doctors in KonsultaMD are skilled, licensed, and will have access to your medical history on every call.