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Get Ready for the Future

Make fun learning experiences and help your students reach their full potential though Brightspace.

Create Lessons Without a Sweat

Designing courses that are effective and engaging are now made simple as 1-2-3.

Explore the Flexibilities of Teaching

Add tools to support a variety of teaching methods to better engage the students during class discussions.

Find Out a Student’s Progress Instantly

Track students' progress so you can adjust your lessons accordingly and give them timely feedback.

Engage Young Minds & Set Them Up for a Bright Future Ahead

Brightspace equips you with the right tools to create lessons that will help your students stay inspired and focused on their goals.

Brightspace is easy:

  • With a drag and drop interface and interactive guides, designing courses has become a whole lot easier and exciting.
  • You can create engaging content by adding images or videos to your courses, and add quizzes or surveys at the end of each lesson to measure progress.
  • Track attendance, view class list, and/or send updates and announcements easily all in one platform.

Brightspace is flexible:

  • Brightspace equips you with supplementary tools that you can customize to support your teaching methods and approaches.
  • Add widgets, customize themes, and organize courses so students can have a better experience on the platform.
  • For more advanced users, the platform is customizable and can be integrated with a variety of learning tools and resources for better lesson delivery.

Brightspace is intelligent:

  • See how your students fare in each lesson and provide them with feedback at once—no more need to wait for the end of term report cards.
  • Personalize the learning experience for each student, allowing them to advance to another course after completing a milestone at their own pace.
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