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Digitize Your School Today

Introducing Campus Link, your reliable partner in efficiently managing your school's day-to-day activities.

Enjoy a Centralized System

All records and files are stored digitally, making it less prone to errors and easily accessible anytime, anywhere.

Automate Paperwork for More Effective Processes

Paper works are minimized, which makes all processes fast and easy. It makes your school eco-friendly too as the paper is printed only when needed.

Interact with the School Community

The school, students, and parents now have one platform to communicate with each other and get updates on a regular basis.

Provide Top-Notch Facilities for Tomorrow’s Future Leaders

Campus Link equips your school with the right tools and efficient systems that promote trust among teachers, staff, students, and even potential enrollees.

Students can:

  • View grades
  • Check their account history
  • Get updates on upcoming exam schedule and other important school announcements

The Faculty can:

  • Maintain and manage student records online
  • Input performance results on the web portal, which can also automatically calculate the students’ final grades.

The Library can:

  • Create an automated book inventory for easy monitoring
  • View records of books borrowed by students

The Registrar can:

  • Automate student records
  • Easily handle student assessment and registration
  • Enhance enrollment experience by enabling a queuing system
  • Assign section, teachers, and schedules all on the web portal

The Finance department can:

  • Easily review and grant discounts to students
  • Get a real-time view on student accounts and send notifications for payment due dates.
  • Generate financial reports to be presented to management.

The School President can:

  • View summary reports from each branch of the school
  • Monitor financial status for each branch and focus on key areas.
  • Get real-time analytics on school performance to make better and faster decisions.
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