m360 SMS API

m360 SMS APIs enable your own platform to send automated text messages to customers from your own brand name.

Reach Subscribers from All Networks

Send and receive SMS notifications to and from your recipients regardless of network.

Build Interactive SMS-based Solutions

Program SMS-based One Time Pins (OTP), order confirmations, delivery notifications, and other interactive SMS services.

Personalize Your Identity

Customize your sender name to be more recognizable so your customers feel safe to open your messages.

Here are examples of how businesses are using m360 SMS API to improve their customers' experience.


Order Confirmations

Let customers receive order and delivery notifications in real-time.


Payment Reminders

Send customers bill reminders to avoid late payment charges and improve collection rates.

One-Time Pins

Activate two-factor authentication with One-Time Pins sent whenever customers log in.


Delivery Notifications

Let customers receive order and delivery notifications in real-time.


Lab Result Notifications

Notify patients when their lab results are available.

Standard Packages

For Philippine SMS recipients only. Applicable to All Networks.

Monthly Service Fee*
SMS Allocation2,0004,60011,000

*Higher monthly plans and Pay-As-You-Go Plans are available.

Rates in Excess of Package Allocation

For Philippine SMS recipients only

Excess SMS Cost*₱0.31₱0.30₱0.29

*Enjoy lower rates for higher plans.

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