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Terms and Conditions for Managed Wifi

Innove Communications is in the business of providing managed services of Name of Company under the brand name BiZ. BiZ or Broadband Internet Zone is a location equipped with high speed Internet infrastructure to private destinations for industry requiring connectivity, flexibility, and mobility.


With the increasing demand for High-Speed Internet Access, the need for a reliable, efficient and sophisticated infrastructure is imperative. Innove being a full-service telecommunications company can meet these objectives and provide Name of Company a one stop, state-of-the-art network architecture that will continue to equip Name of Company locations the necessary facilities which will add value to their business operations Name of Company shall benefit from BiZ service being offered by Innove:

  • High Speed Internet Access Solution;
  • WIFI Package (BiZ Premium);
  • Fixed Monthly Recurring Charge;
  • 24/7 Technical Support HelpDesk;
  • On-Site Technical Support; 


The BiZ platform is adaptable enough to accommodate usage-based scenarios, support differentiated packages, authentication protocol. Our facilities include:

  • Last Mile 30mbps Burstable to 60mbps Direct Internet;
  • BiZ Access System;
  • Wireless Access System
  • (can we give breakdown of this system)

The proposed facilities stated above will be discussed with your representatives prior to implementation and are subject to final confirmation upon completion of full technical evaluation of the project.


The BiZ platform is adaptable enough to accommodate usage-based scenarios, support differentiated packages, authentication protocol, and additional business schemes. Our facilities also include:

  1. High-Speed Internet Access: Drive property sales by offering high-speed Internet access as a service or standard amenity.
  2. Application Friendly: Supports all standard VPN protocols and all multi-media traffic (voice, data, and video).
  3. Responsive Customer Care: 24/7 Customer Support available any time of the day, any day of the week, 24/7 HelpDesk via a toll-free number.
  4. On-Site Technical Support: A Field Engineer dedicated to the venue to address Internet-related issues and concerns.
  5. Anticipated Demand: Initiate contact during the early stage of property construction able to incorporate the intended communications plan.
  6. Carrier-Grade Infrastructure: Supports secure and customized portals - centralized management but distributed intelligence.


Business ModelFixed Monthly Recurring Charge (Plan-Based)
Contract TermTwo (2) Years
Bandwidth10-60MBPS Direct Internet
Last MileVia Fiber Last Mile
Network RedundancyINNOVE’s copper and fiber network
Technical Support24/7 Technical Support HelpDesk
Onsite Technical Support (OTS)24/7 On-Site Technical Support to provide first level assistance for all end-user concerns (scope and limitation applies).
Installation PeriodINNOVE shall install and commission the service within sixty (60) to ninety (60) days for the date of the signing of this Agreement and the issuance of work permit.
Training for IT Personnel and Front Office StaffINNOVE will provide necessary training to Name of Company staff for the use of BiZ browser application.


Consistent to the direction of Name of Company to offer free Internet access to the end-users in common areas and guest rooms, please find below our special discounted rate for Name of Company. The MRC is intended for the hotel location containing a locally hosted server, last mile circuit, on-site technical support.

Managed-HSIAFixed MRC
2-Year Contract TermPHP 000,000 Exclusive of VAT


The statements and commitments stated hereunder shall only apply to the “last mile” portion of the service being rendered to Name of Company by Innove. Response time covering NCR is within 1-hour and 4-hours outside Metro Manila. Resolution time is within 24-hours or depending on which component is involved. Foreign utilities must be attended by the establishment owners. Refer to the network metrics below:

If Last Mile is:Metrics
Copper or Fiber99.8%
(applicable only to circuits in CBD areas)


Innove proposes to be the sole provider in Name of Company location and manage the wireless Internet service for two (2) years, renewable thereafter, under the following conditions:

INNOVE’s responsibilities;

  • BiZ Service Gateway;
  • Broadband Internet access;
  • 24/7 Technical Support (End-User);
  • Configuration, operation, and maintenance of the equipment provided by Innove to Name of Company;
  • Basic service training to Name of Company management & operations;
  • 8X5 On-site Technical Support;

Name of Company’s responsibilities;

  • Assigning Name of Company personnel to help out Innove on the right-of-way permits on the installation ofthe BiZ Access System and facilities;
  • Provide 24/7 power operation of the BiZ Access System (BiZ Server, Switches, APs, etc);
  • Safekeeping of the BiZ Access System and its associated equipment;

Upon acceptance of this proposal, Innove and Name of Company shall execute a Memorandum of Agreement in accordance with the provisions stipulated above. Name of Company in consideration shall, keep the details of this proposal confidential and shall not disclose to any third party without prior written consent from Innove.