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Ralph Kirby Clauna

Ralph Kirby Clauna
Posted on 1622293939085

Static IP add-on need to be activated!!!

So I requested a static IP and was already billed since May 19 and was already billed for the next month too. But until now my IP is still dynamic, and it keeps on changing. I need static IP for port forwarding.


Globe Store Agent = They said they have no access and can't activate this. They can only process the request

Chat Support = worst chat support ever existed. They will only reply on the first chat then leave you without answer. If they do they will try to transfer you to Globe store because they have no idea too.

App = No option for this. If your agent can't help how can your app solve this?

Tech Appointment = They just marked it as solved. No call no show.

Billing = No access. They said only CS have access to this. But globe don't have phone CS so what happens now?


Globe has NO email cs, NO phone cs, and a total useless chat support. I think your app works better than your chat support. Normally you can't blame agents for this, but your chat support agents are the worst. They are rude because in chat they don't tell you their name. 

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    Sorry to hear that. For this one, it may be best to talk to an agent so this can be checked by them. Send a chat here: or book for an appointment:

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