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King Thunderbird

King Thunderbird
Posted on 1465997796987

Converting Load To Gcash.

How to Convert Your Load To Gcash?


* Very Simple and Easy


1.) Just Search it on the web using google search engine ( Converting Load To Gcash ).

2.) Click the link the will appear on google search page ( ).

3.) Save the link on your phone/tab ( Save Pages if you are using Opera Mini ). But if you are using Windows Phone ( Pin To Start ).

4.) Pick the Amount you want to convert to Gcash and at the bottom enter the phone number ( Source of Load To Convert ) but take note that the phone number should be the registered number to Gcash and the KYC was already Verified on Globe Store.

5.) Gcash will text the four digits code to the phone number you entered ( Type it on the Link and send ).

6.) Click done to the link ( 2882 will text you about the amount of converted load and your Gcash Balance).

7.) Delete the text message of 2882 for your safety.

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    after ng step # 6 po. eto po ang confirmation sa akin ng 2882

    "Sorry this transaction is not allowed. Please call 2882 should you need further information".

    im kyc validated already..please help

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    Go to Globe Store for assistance ( Talk to the Cashier maybe there is limit and rules of Converting Load To Gcash ).

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    I ask them before when i ask to kyc (globe store).

    I ask them if they know how to convert load to gcash and they told me they

    dont know if it exist.. .So i go home because its kyced already and try to

    convert it at home but suddenly it doesnt.

    I ddnt convert load to gcash yet even a single peso since i registered.. .I

    got email from the gcash team and they told me that im kyc validated.

    On Thu, Jun 16, 2016 at 3:23 PM, thunderbird <

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    Honestly I have two SIM registered to Gcash. The first SIM is my new SIM that I registered first to Gcash because I cannot registered using the SIM that I am using. I go to the Globe Store after I registered my first SIM to Gcash to verify my KYC and after that I asked them if how can I get a Gcash card. They told me to call 2882 using their phone and I do it. I talk to lady on the phone about the Gcash card and asked her if I can use my registration for my other SIM because I cannot register using the SIM that I am using. She said, yes you can. I go to the counter to ask the cashier but she said to me that I really need to register first ( *143# ) but I told her that I cannot that's why I want to use my other SIM registration. She said I really need to so I go home and tried. Day after I successfully registered and go back to Globe Store and finished what I need to finish. The cashier told me it's ok but I asked her about my other SIM if it is also ok but I said it's ok as long as my other SIM is working. I go home and loaded my SIM. I tried to Convert my load using the apps but there is no Converting load to gcash. So I search it on google and pin it on my windows phone. I opened the page and successfully converted my load to Gcash. But I tried it using the first SIM that I registered to Gcash and I cannot maybe because I told the Cashier that I don't need the other SIM because I'm using the other SIM or maybe she blocked the other SIM ( Honestly I don't know ).

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    Hello what did i found on google for converting

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