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Posted on 1613657444766

How long is the delivery?

Hi, how long does the postpaid application usually take? 2 weeks before I was approved, a week after I paid for the cashout. so it's been 2 weeks now I received no more updates. When I track the status it's still order confirmation. I can't contact 211 nor Globe on FB. Can someone give me ideas on how long does it take? Is this normal? Does it take month/s? Please advise. Thanks

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    ano last update sainyo maam? nagapply din ako nasa Initial:Order confirmation palang sakin, ano kaya next update pag ganto?
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    Same here. My postpaid Application has been approved last Feb 11 and till now I didn't hear anything from them.
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    Just keep your lines open. You'll be updated with the delivery details via email or SMS. Thanks! 

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