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Spend more talk time with your loved ones in the Philippines and enjoy longer bonding sessions. For a limited time only, subscribe now to DUO International and avail of a special discounted price of US$10 (or PHP499)* instead of the US$25 (or P999) regular price! Plus, DUO International is now available in 24 countries all over the world!

DUO International Countries
DUO Australia DUO Ireland DUO Norway
DUO Austria DUO Israel DUO Portugal
DUO Belgium DUO Italy DUO South Africa
DUO Canada DUO Japan DUO Spain
DUO Denmark DUO Korea DUO Switzerland
DUO Finland DUO Malaysia DUO Sweden
DUO Greece DUO Netherlands DUO UK
DUO Hong Kong DUO New Zealand DUO USA

DUO International assigns a foreign number to the registered Globe Postpaid/Prepaid or TM mobile number in the Philippines. Calling the Philippines from abroad is now easy, convenient, and affordable—just like making a local call.


Simply subscribe the Globe or TM mobile of your loved one in the Philippines and an international number will be automatically assigned to it.


No need for call cards, internet connection or special gadgets. Using any phone, just dial the DUO International number of your loved one and they will receive your call through their Globe or TM phone.


Pay only US$10 (or PHP499)* instead of the US$25 (or P999) regular price! You can now call your loved ones in the Philippines as often as you want.

Use this special promo to catch up, tell stories, or celebrate the holidays with them. Check out the three (3) ways on how you can avail of this promo:

Via Online
Via DUO International Prepaid Card (Available in Canada and USA only)

Per DTI-FTEB SPD Permit No. 8118 Series of 2015. Promo is from July 1 to September 30, 2015.

*This promo is open to all Globe Postpaid/Prepaid or TM customers in the Philippines. Filipinos abroad may also avail of the promo by registering the Globe Postpaid/Prepaid or TM mobile numbers of their family members in the Philippines. Domestic call rates apply, depending on your local network provider. The use of this service is subject to Globe Telecom's Fair Use Policy.

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Stay close to family and friends even if you're away. Call the Philippines anytime you want!

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DUO Canada

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Let them know how much you miss them. Call your loved ones as often as you want.

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DUO Korea

Enjoy stronger connections. Say annyeong haseyo to everyone back home anytime of the day.

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DUO Japan

Stay in touch with your loved ones in the Philippines. Greet them hello or konnichiwa anytime!

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DUO Spain

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