DUO International has a special treat for you and your loved ones this month! Subscribe from April 12 to May 12, 2014 (Philippine time) to avail of a special discounted price of US$10 (or P399) instead of the US$25 (or P999) regular price!


Keep in touch with your loved ones in the Philippines while you're abroad without worrying about IDD costs!

DUO International assigns a local number from the US, Canada, UK, or Korea to the Globe or TM mobile number of your loved one in the Philippines. This month, pay only US$10 instead of the US$25 regular price. Calling the Philippines is easy, convenient, and affordable—just like making a local call!


Simply subscribe the Globe or TM mobile of your loved one in the Philippines and an international number will be automatically assigned to it.


No need for call cards, internet connection or special gadgets. Using any phone, just dial the DUO International number of your loved one and they will receive your call through their Globe or TM phone.


For a fixed subscription fee of only US$25 a month, you can already call your loved ones in the Philippines as often as you want.


Take part in their everyday activities. Call the Philippines anytime you want!

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DUO Canada

Keep the distance short. Make affordable calls to the Philippines from across the miles.

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Make them know you miss them. Call your loved ones as often as you want even if you're in the UK.

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DUO Korea

Enjoy strong connections. Calling the Philippines no longer requires call cards, internet, or any special gadget.

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