G Chance The Raffle Terms & Conditions

  1. This promo is open to all Globe customers (Prepaid, TM, Postpaid, and Broadband customers) with the Globe Rewards App

  2. Globe customers without the Globe Rewards App will not be able to join the Consumer/Customer Raffle. 

  3. SG (Globe myBusiness) Fixed Broadband subscribers are able to join the Corporate Raffle through the 917 SG KYC survey form. 

  4. EG (Globe Business) subscribers are able to join the Corporate Raffle through submission of KYC forms over KYC google form 

  5. Raffle Entry Redemption Period: September 17, 2020, to September 30, 2020

  6. Raffle Entry Validity: October 1, 2020 (Last day of the Raffle Draw)

  7. Cut-off for Daily Raffle Entries in order to be eligible for the next day’s draw is 11:59 PM

  8. Deadline of Raffle Entries is on September 30, 2020.

  9. Customers must keep the SMS confirmation message from 4438 as proof of eligibility and identity

  10. Customers unable to present the SMS confirmation message from 4438 will not be eligible to win.

  11. Raffle Entries cannot be gifted. Only the mobile number used to redeem the Raffle Entry is eligible to win.

  12. There is no limit to the number of Raffle Entries a customer may have or redeem.

  13. Only customers in the Philippines are eligible to Raffle Entries.

  14. However, redemption of Raffle Entries is subject to the transaction cap of five (5) per day.

  15. Gifting is subject to the transaction cap of one (1) transaction per day.

  16. Each Raffle Entry may only win once (1x) throughout G Chance The Raffle. A customer can only win one (1) Consolation Raffle Prize OR one (1) Major Raffle Prize. Once a customer has won, all his/her remaining entries are forfeit and his/her mobile and account number/s will be removed from the Draw Pool.

  17. A customer can only win twice if he/she is part of the Globe myBusiness (SG) or Globe Business (EG) draw pool, eligible for the corporate raffle prizes for businesses/companies.

  18. The customers are required to take full responsibility and liability for the information provided by them under the terms and conditions of G Chance The Raffle. Globe and its agency reserves the right to verify the information provided by the participants. In the event such verification is not accomplished to the satisfaction of Globe or its agency, the customer will be disqualified from the raffle with prior DTI approval.

  19. Winning customers will be notified via call and/or SMS by Globe or its agency’s representatives by October 1, 2020

    • Consolation Prizes: SMS will be sent to the customers as notification.

    • Major Prizes (Digital Items): SMS will be sent to the customers as notification

    • Major Prizes (Physical Items): Globe or its agency will coordinate with the customers to schedule and arrange the delivery of the major prizes. Longer delivery times can be expected for Provincial areas. A notification letter will also be sent.

  20. Instructions on the claiming of physical prizes will be communicated separately and directly to the winners 

    • Globe’s agency to fully represent Globe in the release and delivery of the physical prizes

    • Globe will not be liable for any accidents, losses, and additional expenses on all of the trips

    • Physical prizes are subject to delivery lead times and quarantine/lockdown protocols for affected areas

  21. Announcement of daily winners will be done via Social Media, with the customer’s names 

    •  Customers hereby allow the use of their name provided in the registration form for the purpose of being announced as a winner in Globe’s Social Media channel/s
  22. Customers that have won consolation raffle prizes will receive their prize on October 1, 2020 via SMS.

  23. Non-winning participants for the daily draws will still be included in the succeeding draws.

  24. Globe and/or its agency will be reaching out to the winning customers directly via call to verify their name, contact number, home address, email address, and to coordinate for further instructions.

  25. Release of Physical Major Prizes:

    • During the Draw date: Globe to validate customer identity, WC to call ahead and confirm the identity

    • Delivery to customers: a. Delivery Receipt, b. Two (2) Valid IDs, c. Quitclaim

    • Adherence to LGU protocols: delivery availability is subject to quarantine + nationwide considerations

    • Prizes that are not claimed (or customers that are unreachable) within 60 days from receipt of notification, otherwise prizes will be forfeited in favor of Globe with prior DTI approval. After which, a redraw will be requested with DTI.

  26. Raffle Prizes are NOT TRANSFERABLE and NOT convertible to cash.

  27. Globe employees, relatives, agencies and those affiliates within the Third Level of Consanguinity are not eligible to win in the raffle.