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5 Accessories to Level Up Your Home Office Set Up

Might be time for an upgrade

Working from home brings many upsides. For one, it gives you more time to do the things you enjoy instead of it going to waste when you’re stuck in traffic. On the other hand, the downside is that, with more distractions at home, it can be challenging to stay focused. 

Something as simple as upgrading your home office design into one that maximizes your efficiency can alleviate work from home burnout and boost your productivity. As a cherry on top, redesigning can also make your workspace look visually pleasing. 

Below are some accessories that can transform your basic workspace into something that makes you excited to start the day motivates you to work. Start setting up your home office 2.0!

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Good quality speakers to pump up the mood


Music has the power to help you relax and increase your energy level. Having a portable Bluetooth speaker in your workstation lets you create the mood you want by playing tunes that will help you focus and work better. 

Whether you like listening to feel-good and energy-boosting music like BTS’ Dynamite or TV and film score compositions like Ramin Djawadi’s Game of Thrones: Season 8, a good home office speaker that produces crisp sounds will enhance your work mood. 

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Bonus: never again miss out on what someone said during an online meeting.

A trusty desk lamp to light up your station


Take a second to look at your workspace. Do you feel like something is missing? Perhaps it could use some functional decor like a desk light, especially if you often work long after the sun has set. A dim workspace can impact your productivity and put strain on your eyes as it works harder to see in the dark. A desk light can spruce up your workstation and make it feel a lot more complete. 

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An indoor plant for that mood boost


You’ll never know how much plants can brighten up your mood just by looking at it until you have one sitting on your desk. Plants are more than just table decorations. They are living things, and they can help you refocus your energy on the right things. Consider adopting low light-friendly plants like succulents, fittonias, pink syngoniums (for a pop of color) and pothos to give your workspace more life. 

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A cute and ergonomic Bluetooth mouse


Working for long hours can put strain on your body, including your hands. If you’re not using a good mouse that allows you to move your hand comfortably, it can cause discomfort, numbness or weakness. You can avoid that strain by replacing your mouse with an ergonomic wireless one. It will take some learning and getting used to, but it’s one of those investments that will change your life for the better. 

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A desk organizer to keep things tidy


Are you wondering how to organize your home office space better? Consider getting an aesthetic desk organizer to keep your colorful pens and other desk knick-knacks in one place. Remember, a cluttered desk can affect how you work. When you see your space neat and tidy, your mind becomes neat and tidy, too. 

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Level Up Your WFH Set up

Own your dedicated home office or work station. Adding these accessories to your workspace can eliminate your work from home woes and even help you get things done more efficiently. If you’re looking for an internet upgrade, you can look into Home Prepaid WiFi promos

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