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As we approach the New Year, many begin to look for ways to overhaul their routines so they can start 2022 right. Whether hunting for planners or finding new ways to work, everyone’s just scoping for methods to get their lives on track. And in the digital age, YouTube often holds the answer. From workouts to life coaches, the world’s primary video platform hosts a wide variety of content that ought to help anyone and everyone figure out their lives.

Ahead, we list down the Productivity YouTubers whose content might just change your life.


From time management hacks and setting up a bullet journal to detailing study plans, Studyquill offers different guides for students who want to improve their ways of working. The UCLA student behind the channel provides a lot of videos for those struggling to get their study lives right, methods that might also work for the busy adult. Plus, if her tricks don’t fit your lifestyle, her stationery reviews are equally soothing for work breaks, too!

Study To Success

For the students reading this, finding an effective study method might be a daunting task. What worked for us ages ago might not work now, especially with how quarantine changed how we learn and study. At least with Study To Success, a channel run by Estella Waczewki, one can check out the different methods she shares and see what works. Estella also has a collection of Study With Me videos with ambient noise that you can play in the background for motivation.

Ashley Nichole

If you’re an older adult looking for motivation to fix up your space, Ashley Nichole’s videos might just be for you. After all, we also need the inspiration to keep our homes tidy. Ashley uploads deep cleaning and organizing content, great for those seeking to improve their space. She also shares a peek into her productive days to show everyone that we all have different definitions of fulfilling days—a reminder many of us need to keep close.

Jenn Im

Aside from fashion-focused content, YouTuber Jenn Im also creates videos about productivity. We all learned the importance of work-life balance in the past two years, and Jenn managed to find different methods to walk on that tightrope fluidly. In her most recent vlog entitled How I Get Everything Done, Jenn breaks down the approach that lets her balance work, motherhood and personal life.

Amy Lee Life Coaching

One factor in increased productivity is the concept of rest and acknowledging our feelings of fatigue. We can’t always be on top of everything or on the go 24/7. Amy Lee is a professional life coach, and her videos always talk about the quieter side of adulthood, including feeling your feelings and enjoying the pleasures of life. In her vlog above, Amy admits that her dream job can also be tiring—a reality we also have to confront to improve the way we approach work life.

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