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Budget Cuts for Your Negosyo Capital - go!
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Budget Cuts To Consider To Up Your Negosyo Capital

Kung gusto mo, may paraan 

Sabi nila if there’s a will, there’s a way. In other words: kung gusto mo talaga, hahanap ka ng paraan—and for once, we aren’t talking about that *elusive* love life. We’re talking about cutting things out of your budget to make room for savings…and eventually growing enough capital to start your online negosyo

Dream mo ba maging business owner? Kailangang ready ka mag-let go ng ibang mga bagay. So here, we’re presenting you with ways to cut your budget to make room for proper investment on your business and yourself.

Internet usage

We all know that internet is a must these days, but is your current plan the most economic for your needs at home? Are you actually using up the amount of data that’s in your plan? Or do you often have to top-up your plan in order to accommodate your needs? 

Take a step back, ask yourself these questions and find the right plan for you. It might be that you can settle for a lower plan or you can commit to a higher plan in order to avoid the constant top-up fees.

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Utility check

At this point in time, you’re probably familiar with your usual utility bills: electricity, water and cable. Make sure to keep the standard monthly amounts in mind so that you know when something is off. Has someone been leaving the lights on when they aren’t needed? May butas kaya sa pipe sa bahay kaya ang laki ng bill sa tubig? Do you even still watch cable TV or rely on Netflix and YouTube for entertainment? 

Much like your internet usage, kailangan maging maingat sa mga gastusin. 

Go for generic

When you hear the word “generic,” you might automatically think of medicine—but that’s not the only way you can save in terms of generic brands. This goes for toilet paper, school supplies that run out after a month, some food items and even clothing options. 

Schedule your meals

One of the more constant expenses that we can’t ignore is under the food category. We all have to eat, but one way to cut on your budget is to properly plan and schedule your meals. If you and your family get hungry often, prepare for a snack in between lunch and dinner (or even breakfast and lunch). This way, you’re left with more choices than ordering something in the middle of the day. 

Think about it: instead of ordering everyone an overpriced chicken sandwich, all you’ll need to do is whip out the sliced bread, a spread and everyone’s happy (and full). 

Use reusable 

Another way to significantly cut costs is to minimize the purchase and use of anything disposable. This relates mostly to grocery items (particularly cleaning supplies): toilet paper and kitchen towels. Rags, dish towels and microfiber cloths will work just as fine, so save yourself the money (and the carbon footprint) by using reusables whenever you can. 

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These budget cuts may not seem like much—and that’s exactly the point. But when you start on the routine, you’ll notice that the cuts you made are able to give you the freedom for other things: mga produkto na pwede i-benta online at materials na kailangan para magkaroon ng successful na negosyo. 

So ano pa ba ang hinintay mo? Panahon na para mag-simula!

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Matthew Fetalver

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