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Canva Features to Help You Up Your Game at Work - go!
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Canva Features to Help You Up Your Game at Work

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Businesses and employees are constantly challenged to keep their materials interesting for their clients, customers and audience. Everyone is encouraged to go the extra mile to make their products worth paying attention to. But for those who aren’t as skilled in visual design, it’s not exactly a walk in the park. 

This is a problem Canva was able to solve by offering over 50,000 graphic design templates to meet different needs. If you’re looking for a way to add flavor to an internal deck or find the key visuals for your upcoming business, the platform has something for you to start with. Here’s how you can maximize the Canva features to up your game at work.

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Stay on-brand with Templates

One of the primarily championed Canva features is the large library of easy-to-design templates. From presentations, invitations, social media posts, invoices and more, the website has it. Its intuitive interface is easy to learn. Assets are easily adjustable to your liking, inclusive of different animation and customization tools one can use. Design beginners can plug the necessary information while learning how to design compelling materials as they go.

Plus, some design templates are also made to help improve personal productivity. Desktop templates to help you organize your icons and files are readily available or Zoom backgrounds you can use to add life to your meetings.

Work together with Teams

The thing about working is that you’ll never fly solo. Sure, you may have your deliverables, but presentations and other tasks are often done in a collaborative aspect. Canva’s Teams feature lets multiple people design and work on material at the same time. Everyone included can take on certain parts of the material without having to wait for their turn, or course revisions through one person. This saves a lot of time and cuts down on approval processes.

There’s no limit to how many emails can be included in a Canva Team. Its comment function works the way we’re used to with Google Slides, which makes taking note of revisions a breeze. Canva Teams also offers a centralized place to store all necessary assets for the design you’re working on so that no one gets lost.

Link seamlessly with important apps

Downloading and uploading files from one website to another is admittedly time-consuming and often very confusing. Stay on top of everything and take note of the final files with one of the best Canva features out there: the platform’s integration with different apps on the web. Users can also link their Canva accounts to different platforms in an instant, such as OneDrive and Slack. This way, everyone is aligned with the most updated version of the important file. 

Users can also get the help of external editing apps to improve the material’s design. Other apps let users embed samples and pegs from social media platforms such as Instagram, Youtube and GIPHY. Canva performs as both a design hub and a link to other apps for optimum productivity.

Expand your knowledge with Canva Learn

Aside from being a go-to design hub for anyone and everyone, Canva also aims to teach its users more about business and design. Tutorials on how to maximize the app are free for everyone to explore. Canva also has a Design School that offers free courses on the basics of social media, design, office presentation skills and more so individuals can seek to improve their work.

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All in all, Canva offers everyone opportunities to further understand what they’re doing, why they’re doing it and why it is important. Whether it’s figuring out simple design principles or keeping your branding, the platform is here to make you learn more and cut time without sacrificing quality.

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