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Everything You Need For A More Productive Work Life - go!
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Everything You Need For A More Productive Work Life

Todoist is a more visual way to move your projects forward

Perfecting a work from home setup entails ergonomic gear and digital tools that can organize and simplify the process—not to mention discipline that can only come from within. Supplement your comfortable chair and user-friendly desk with online essentials to boost your productivity. 

Customizing your home office and changing things up on a regular basis can definitely refresh your perspective. A temporary solution can keep things exciting especially when you’re holed up at home experiencing cabin fever just like the rest of the world. 

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A physical planner or your smartphone’s built-in apps can help you tackle the day’s to-do list, needless to say, there are more detail-oriented resources to help you step up your new normal. Consider digital tools like Todoist to help you organize your personal workload, or even for the rest of the team. It offers a more visual way to move your projects forward.

If you’re handling a small team and can’t exactly supervise them day in and day out, the Todoist Boards gives you a flexible way to stay updated with their individual tasks—without the need to micromanage them. This works for up to 300 projects and up to 25 users per project.

One can input a task to be done, send over to the pile in progress and move over to the finished board once completed. It’s that easy, and you feel the satisfaction of seeing tangible progress in real time. You can easily customize the name of the boards and label items that are of top priority, too. Choose from various templates that work for your group. It’s so simple but makes such a huge difference! 

Free up your mental space with this digital tool that you can use anywhere you are, with whichever device is with you, to help you feel calm and in control. Want to try it? With the Globe Rewards app, you can redeem a 3-month free subscription just by clicking the Todoist banner image under “exclusives.” For more details, click here

Words Elisa Aquino

Art Matthew Fetalver

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