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How to Future-Proof Your Career With Upskillist - go!
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How to Future-Proof Your Career With Upskillist

What’s expected to be a career advantage in the next 10 years? This online learning platform offers courses on just the in-demand skills

What will work life look like in the year 2030? According to a report by tech company Dell, 85% of the jobs in the next decade don’t even exist yet. As daunting as this reality is, recruiters and employers have observed certain patterns at work. The skills that are becoming more and more in demand are now clear, proving to be highly valuable skills for those in the workforce.

This is the focus of a new online skill-building platform Upskillist: the place to future-proof your career.

Learn Online With Upskillist

Digital learning platforms—given the online shift mid-pandemic, especially—are now a dime a dozen. When choosing a subscription, however, it’s essential to consider which ones understand the new foundations of the future of work.

On Upskillist, users can find up-to-date lessons on everything from creative writing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 101, and e-commerce, to an intro to coding, Adobe Lightroom for beginners, and digital marketing. In crafting these courses, Upskillist factors in that the workplace is continually evolving, new jobs and enterprises are constantly emerging, and the internet of things is now a key factor at work. 

Career Development For 2023 And Beyond

What counts as a career advantage today? Industry reports show that the mastery of hard skills isn’t the only thing to look into. Soft skills are just as important. This means time management, effective communication, emotional intelligence, and the ability to collaborate are pluses that are highly sought-after by employers. On Upskillist, real-world lessons on these are inserted into course offerings in easy-to-digest doses, so practical skills and self-management skills are always taught hand-in-hand. Marry these with the must-have skills ahead, and consider yourself well on your way to a future-ready career.

Computational Thinking

Digital literacy is only the beginning. Those who are able to set themselves apart know the basics of computational thinking: that is knowing how to look at, translate, and analyze data. How are you going to use statistics and insights to make better decisions? This is where Upskillist courses like Data Analytics and Microsoft Excel come in.


Are you an individual contributor to a larger project? Or are you yourself the project lead? Regardless of your role at work, familiarizing yourself with project management is a beneficial move heading into 2023 and beyond it. This has everything to do with agility, flexibility, and being able to stay on top of the many moving parts of a project. Especially as things shift to remote work and digital collaboration, organized individuals who understand management strategies prove even greater assets at work. For skill development in this area, Upskillist offers courses on Project Management, Leadership & Management, and Team Management.


In a world where content is key and visual communication is the new norm, there is merit also in brushing up on creative skills. This doesn’t mean completely diving into the world of design but rather seeing how practical design insights and tools can help you—whether that’s putting together a pitch deck, ideating campaigns, or creating material for social media. On Upskillist, explore an entire library of exciting creative classes such as Smartphone Photography, Photoshop, Graphic Design, and UX Design.

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