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What's on the Modern Woman's Office Desk Checklist?

The new essentials are here 

If you have rather flexible rules of engagement in the workplace (put your best foot forward, keep a professional attitude, and of course, do the work), great news: how you utilize your space is almost entirely your call. Are you the type to deck out your desk? Or is it more a matter of staying organized? Are you, perhaps, the third type of worker, who would rather not bother with sprucing up the office cubicle at all? 

Whatever the category you fall under, here’s something we can all agree on: it pays to look beyond decoration and organization. A stylish workstation at the office is good, but a complete, ever-ready one is even better.

The generic, already established office supplies available at most bookstores are a given, but what else should the working woman in 2018 consider? Here, we zero in on the new essentials worth stocking up on. They’re everyday items that might just save your neck from a surprise event or office mishap one day. 

#1: Emergency Pimple Patches

Acne moves in mysterious ways and by that we mean they can appear at any given moment. The general rule (we hate to break it to you) will still have to apply no matter how inconvenient this unsightly cameo is: Do not touch, pop or poke that zit even if it has come to a head in the middle of a workday. Here’s the solution to this dreaded pimple problem: a pimple patch you can momentarily leave on as you work behind your desk. What this does is it covers, dries out and soothes the inflamed area of your skin. That brief downtime can make all the difference.

#2: Dental Floss

Dental hygiene is one of those health concerns you should make a point to stay on top of even while at the office. Keep your teeth and gums healthy by regularly flossing after meals. This is also a good habit to take up should you have important meetings scheduled after grabbing snacks or after your lunch break. You get to keep your breath minty fresh, too, when you get plaque buildup out of the way. 


DENTISTE’ Dental Floss, P105

#3: Business Cards

Informal responses to equally informal questions like, “What’s your Insta?” are acceptable in this day and age. Still, there’s nothing like handing over your business card when establishing new relationships at work. It’s perfectly fine to take social media out of the picture when it comes to certain introductions (no matter how easy it is to just find someone on there and send a DM); in fact, it might even bode well for you. Keep a couple of your business cards handy. Toss several copies in your work drawer as well as a compartment in your purse. 

#4: An External Hard Drive

A true modern-day Girl Scout always has a contingency plan. With that, comes the routine of backing up important files. Tedious as this may seem, it’s a worthwhile habit: it ensures that the laptop assigned to you is running at a 100 and is not being slowed down by a backed-up internal memory.

SEAGATE 2-TB Back-Up Plus, P6,790

#5: Foldable Flats

You evidently have to look the part and dress the part for work. If heels happen to be part of your style equation though—n the name of comfort, sanity and convenience—take breaks! Foldable, ultra-comfortable flats are great to have on-hand. You can switch from heels to a classic pair of flats for things like errands, walking in unideal weather conditions or regular, uneventful desk time.


BUTTERFLY TWISTS Rebecca Pointed Flat Shoe, P3,399

Hey, luck favors the prepared; be that kind of woman in the office.

Words Nicole Blanco Ramos

Art Alex Lara

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