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5 Money Hacks Guaranteed to Start Up Your Savings - go!
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5 Money Hacks Guaranteed to Get the Ball Rolling For You

Because big savings start with small habits

Unlike other responsibilities that we can kick to the curb, dealing with money is something that we just can’t ignore when adulthood comes knocking. We’d hate to state the obvious, but dealing with finances can be tricky. As if it isn’t tough enough trying to make each paycheck last, there are taxes and monthly contributions and inflation to worry about. Not all of us are lucky enough to afford an accountant’s advice (that’s another thing to spend on, after all), but thankfully, there are a few hacks any of us can turn to for a little savings help.

Ready to beef up that bank account? Up ahead, we get you started with five simple money hacks that are guaranteed to start up your savings.

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Function on autopilot

A tip as old as time itself, we’ve all heard of the 10% rule. Anyone with a regular salary should put away at least 10% of it, regardless of how frequent your pay schedule or how small the amount may seem. The best way to commit to it is to automatically wire a monthly or bi-monthly transfer from your payroll to a separate savings account or to simply train yourself to set aside incrementally every time money drops into your lap. Do it before you even have the time to think twice!

Pick a bill, put it away

This one’s a fun challenge. Pick a bill or coin—say, a P20 bill—and commit to putting away every single P20 that comes into your possession. Don’t use it for your commute, don’t use it for your morning coffee run. If it fits the bill (pun intended), it goes into the savings jar. With enough discipline, you’d be surprised at how much you’d be able to save by the year-end!

Use coupons like your life depends on them

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Buy one take one promos and discount coupons are a frugal spender’s best friend. Keep your eyes open for vouchers and online deals on websites like Deal Grocer and MetroDeal, or make the most of applications like GCash, where QR vouchers and special gifts are easy to come by!

Track your expenses

Alright, no excuses. If you can open up Instagram or scroll through Twitter on the daily, then you can surely take a minute or two out of your day to log your expenses. Apps like Spending Tracker and Money Lover are well worth a download: on top of the typical daily tracker, they also have weekly and monthly overviews so you can get a big picture perspective of how much you’re saving (or spending).

Buy things out of season

Nobody’s going to notice that the jacket you’re wearing is from last season or that you got your breezy, spring-appropriate top on sale in December. When it comes to buying clothes, swimwear and accessories, be a smart shopper and stock up on items when they’re out of season. Who said you can’t shop and save while you’re at it? Less demand for an item equates to lower prices, so it’s all about timing your retail therapy sessions. Get your swimsuits for cheap in the -ber months and winter clothing for your future travels in the middle of summer.

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Now that you’ve got a game plan, the rest is on you. Commit to building bank, only buy what you need, and stay true to these hacks, and those digits will undoubtedly show through.

Words Cessi Treñas

Art Alex Lara

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