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Money Saving Tips for The New Year - go!
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Practical Money-Saving Tips for the New Year

 It’s time to follow through with your financial goals

A new year is always cause for celebration! It’s an opportunity to step back, recalibrate and carry out some much needed introspection. 2020 may have been an unprecedented trainwreck, but we’ve definitely grown through this period of uncertainty and have been changed in the process. 

If we’re being honest, it’s easy to get jaded with resolutions. How often do we follow through with the goals we set for ourselves every year? Change may not always be easy but when you adjust your POV to its long-term effects, it gets easier to discipline one’s self. 

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Given prolonged quarantine, we actually get to save a lot of money. We no longer have weekly nights out with friends; working from home doesn’t require us to commute; we prepare meals at home. But being at home 24/7 also gives us much temptation to keep shopping online! Regardless of all the enticing vouchers and discounts, all your late-night purchases on Lazada and Shopee eventually accumulate. 

It’s time to set some financial goals to pursue steadfastly this 2021. Here are some practical tips to help you save money for the new year.

Track Your Expenses 

Working around a budget is essential. We’re always looking towards setting up a budget that makes our expenses lower than our earnings. Tracking our expenses has been made easier with expense tracking apps like Spendee, Seedly and Expensify but you can always go old school with a Google spreadsheet or even writing down on a notebook or your note app! 

Use Shopback

Brace yourselves, Shopback will change your life! Every time you do some online shopping, don’t forget to shop through the app. With every purchase, you’ll have a percentage returned back to you after a period of time. It works whether you’re shopping via e-commerce platforms like Lazada, Shopee, Zalora and more!

Invest via GCash 

Investing as early as now allows you to put your money to work actively without actually putting in so much effort! With GCash’s investment feature, you can start investing as low as P50, and apply for and manage your investments through the GCash app. With their official partners, you can even gain access to the products of the country’s most trusted investment companies. 

Avail exclusive discounts from Globe at Home

Family time is sacred, especially in quarantine! You can save by getting exclusive access to premium entertainment—from Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO and Viu—through Globe at Home. Offers and discounts for the new year await with 50% off for six months exclusively for Globe Mobile Postpaid subscribers. Learn more here

2021 is an opportunity to better yourself and create goals worth pursuing.What are you committing to this year? 

Author Elisa Aquino

Art Matthew Fetalver

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