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New Skills, New Hobbies: Make the Most Out of Online Learning With Upskillist

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The first half of the pandemic saw a lot of people trying out new things to keep time spent at home more interesting and worthwhile. That same interest in learning through convenient, online platforms has carried over into 2022.

Whether it’s baking pastries or home makeovers, keeping busy with things they’re passionate about has helped individuals wind down and take their minds off stress—plus points for life skills that help them navigate the working world, too.

This is the beauty of platforms like Upskillist (formerly known as Shaw Academy), where the sky’s the limit for those looking to reach a new career milestone, simply learn something new, or invest in themselves through self-improvement.

Below, just some Upskillist courses worth exploring—especially if you’re hoping to upgrade your hobby and turn it into a skill you can even get certified for. Here, there’s a course for everyone. 

Smartphone Photography

In the long list of things missed, traveling definitely falls in the top 10. A lot of us are still pretty hesitant to do so, with good reason, but consider this downtime an opportunity to prepare for your next well-deserved trip. Do this by upgrading your phone photography skills. This Upskillist course teaches users how to maximize the specs of their device when taking photos, and then how to edit them using key principles in photography.

Video Editing

Get on the next level by learning how to edit your videos for your travels, future projects, and even your small business. In this course, users are taught how to edit for specific social media platforms while using the top editing apps. The modules here include color grading, adding effects, and even audio editing for the perfect reel. Previous skills or knowledge aren’t required. All you need is a curious mind and a willingness to practice and learn. Who knows? This might lead to a new side hustle.

Creative Writing

For those who have recently discovered the joys of storytelling, Upskillist’s certified creative writing course is worth checking out. Get a refresher on the English language, learn essential editing and critical-thinking tools, understand how to flesh out a narrative, and more. At the end of this course, you’ll also know how to beta-read and critique works that are slated for publication. 

Online Wine Tasting & Appreciation

The amazing thing about Upskillist is the variety of the courses it offers. This includes those that aren’t exactly conventional. Try this course, wine lovers. Increase your know-how about these spirits when you learn the art of pouring and tasting, and get to know their origins. By the time you’re finished with the modules, you’ll know how to navigate endless wine menus to find the best one for your palate.

Nutrition, Food Science and Menu Planning

If you are working on your health and fitness goals or just have a desire for a deeper understanding of nutrition to help plan your home meals, you can opt for this course on Upskillist. Here, you get to apply learnings for at-home meals (maybe for your baon when office life is back in full swing), with insights applicable to larger gatherings, too. Ultimately, this course allows you to get a better grasp on what the human body needs in the day-to-day.

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