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Should I Quit My Full-Time Job to Pursue My Passion?

Is it time to finally pass that resignation letter?

Working a full-time job definitely has its perks: financial security, irresistible benefits, the ability to thrive with colleagues and be led by a direct superior. This may work for creatures of habit—thus the lasting flourishing of corporations—while others simply aren’t wired this way. Still, there’s certain merit in taking the road less traveled and thriving in such an unconventional environment.

If you’ve been questioning your path whilst yearning for a more autonomous setting—where you get to be your own boss and follow your heart’s desire—here are noteworthy points to consider before passing that resignation letter.

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Know where your discontent is rooted from.

They say you’ll never have to work a day in your life doing what you love; I beg to differ. At some point, you eventually will. You will have to consistently seek out opportunities, do your taxes, network, market yourself and build your brand. I don’t know about you, but there is real work and grind involved in all that.

Don’t just do it on a whim. Maybe you got into an argument with your colleague or feel overlooked by your manager at that particular moment. (PSA: A bad day doesn’t mean you have a bad life.) Maybe you scrolled through your Instagram feed and felt like you aren’t “living your best life.” Don’t create life-altering decisions based from an emotional high—or low. Take the time to wisely discern and plan out your next course of action.

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Have an emergency fund.

Let’s be realistic here, no matter how passionate you are about something, your bills won’t pay itself. Having a financial cushion makes the transition much easier. Let’s talk about the dreaded ’s’ word…savings, anyone? Prepare, at the very least, for 6 months to cover your living expenses. Have you mastered the fine art of budgeting—or are you still living from paycheck-to-paycheck? You may have to skip that daily cup of overpriced coffee—but that’s just a small sacrifice to make to follow your dream.

Have a concrete plan.

So you want to build your personal business, even maybe become a freelance creative. A corporate job is fine but there are more opportunities materializing for your side hustle. PSA: It takes a whole lot of discipline to be your own boss. Have a checklist of things to accomplish and prepare for before completely committing. Best to utilize your network and, at the very least, have a retainer to launch your journey.

Hone your passion (project).

Here’s the thing: You don’t have to quit your full-time job to have a passion project. Commit to consistency and make it a habit to churn out organic “creative” work after your 9-5—without, of course, sacrificing sleep and your mental health. Seek out online courses, read books, market your work through socials and the list goes on.

Know when you’ve exhausted your stay in your company—or you’re simply being restless. There’s really no one-way direction to getting to success but with grit, discipline and enthusiasm, you’ll surely arrive.

Words Elisa Aquino

Art Alex Lara

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