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5 YouTube Content Creators Who Guided Us Through Money Matters - go!
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5 YouTube Content Creators Who Helped Guide Us Through Money Matters

Budgeting, investing for beginners and debunking money myths

There’s no denying that the early months of the pandemic taught us some serious career and money lessons. Last year was a wakeup call to not underestimate even small, practical money-saving tips. It got us revisiting the do’s and don’ts of credit card spending. Lastly, it reminded us that avoiding unnecessary spending is sometimes not an option.

Of course, acquiring better money habits isn’t something that happens overnight. There’s no crash course for personal finances in school, either. But luckily, guidance from trustworthy sources can be found today in all corners of the internet. And one remarkable place to get financial advice, we learned, is YouTube.

From Aja Dang, we learned how to craft an effective but uncomplicated budget. From James Jani, we got a reality check about building wealth from nothing. There are many others like them who manage to make money matters less intimidating, more fun to learn about and easier to apply in real life. You can scour YouTube for them, but we’ll start you off with five right here:

Aja Dang

When this YouTube content creator launched her channel, personal finances were not part of her lineup. Aja Dang got her start as a lifestyle vlogger, creating mostly fashion, beauty and travel videos. Then in 2017, she opened up to her subscribers in a vlog entry about an off-brand topic: her struggle dealing with $200,000 in student loans. This resonated with thousands of viewers. And as Aja began documenting her journey toward paying off debts, more people tuned in.

Find out the easy-to-follow systems she put in place to become debt-free, tips on budgeting, making money through side hustles, and more on Aja’s channel.

The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet website itself is quite the handy resource for all things money and living better. That said, its YouTube presence shouldn’t be overlooked. Our favorite correspondent on this channel, Chelsea, covers a range of money-related topics like smart purchases, habits that make you good with money and bad financial decisions. Some episodes also feature financial experts who help zero in on money management in the time of coronavirus, protecting your finances, things you can realistically cut from your budget and “grown-up” behaviors that actually waste money.

Brittany Daniel

With new YouTube videos up every Monday, young adults can kick off their week with smart personal finance and self-development tips care of Brittany Daniel. Her channel largely features adulting videos that are fun and engaging. What’s great about this content creator, though, is that she isn’t afraid to get real about the not-so pretty side of handling your own money. Firsthand experience is always a great teacher, of course. But when it comes to finances, learning from other people’s adventures and misadventures can help you wise up, too.

James Jani

While learning the ropes of personal finances, it’s also good to take a step back and look at the larger picture. What kind of world are we earning, spending and hustling in anyway? James Jani’s channel is out to dissect all the why’s related to this. His documentary-style videos are both entertaining and informative, and they do prompt you to stop and do a double-take on things you might think you already know about.

Elena Taber

New York-based YouTuber Elena Taber may cover lifestyle content more often than not, but when she does tackle personal finances, her videos are always worth the stream. Making them relatable for fellow 20-somethings, Elena’s roundups are fun to follow, and take you from the basics of saving to the basics of growing your money. Her “navigating your 20’s” playlist also includes: money mistakes to avoid in your 20’s, how to budget and save in your 20’s and more.

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