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Happy Birthday, Beyoncé! 10 Times Queen Bey Slayed Our Existence | go! | Globe

Happy Birthday, Beyoncé! 10 Times Queen Bey Slayed Our Existence

Pretty much whenever she walked out in public, tbh

On this day 36 years ago, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles was born and the music world was made better—although it didn’t know it was welcoming an icon at the time. But ever since that fateful day, Queen Bey was in the making and we were all lucky enough to see her spread her wings.

When she was 7 and already killing it

Every icon needs to start somewhere and Beyoncé is no exception. This is one of the earliest videos of our Queen slaying it on stage and that sequined dress and those flawlessly curled pigtails are just perfection.

All those times she performed with Destiny’s Child

Destiny’s Child will always be considered a monstrous girl group and Beyoncé is thankful for the years that it gave her. Us? We’re thankful for Say My Name, Survivor, Jumpin Jumpin and Girl.

When she broke out on her own and released Crazy In Love

More than a decade later and we’re still proud to call it one of our jams.

That time she sang Listen – and we did

For anyone that has ever doubted Beyoncé’s vocal talent, we raise you Listen. Actually, we raise you her entire performance in Dreamgirls.

When we were introduced to Sasha Fierce

We were all a little curious why Beyoncé was calling herself Sasha Fierce, but we didn’t question it for long. She did, after all, bring us the likes of Diva, Single Ladies and Video Phone.

That time she made us all jealous with Single Ladies

Do not deny trying out the choreography (and getting frustrated that you just couldn’t get that head whip right)!

The way she announced she was pregnant

It came out of nowhere and it basically left the entire entertainment world shookt. But hey, what else would you expect from Queen Bey?

When she released Lemonade

This artistic visual album will go down in history. The songs, the amazing fashion, the controversy of her husband’s marital infidelity and the classic story of forgiveness and love—so. Epic.

That other time she announced she was pregnant (with twins!)

With her second pregnancy announcement, Beyonce Knowles-Carter proved that she’s always going to be full of surprises.

Whenever she has Blue Ivy at her side

Because Beyoncé is more than just a multi-awarded musician and our queen, she’s an impeccable mother too.

Again, happy birthday to our queen!

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