11 Things Only Stranger Things Fans Will Understand

Because season 2 is literally right around the corner!

Strangers Things is one of the best things that happened in 2016—the cast (and we mean every single one of them), their friendship, Winona Ryder making a comeback, memories of our childhood, jocks not turning out to be complete jerks…the list goes on. Now with season 2 right around the corner and knowing everything we know about it, we’re already beyond excited that we’re literally counting down the days until October 27! So whether you’re part of the fandom or starting your Stranger Things journey just now (because your friends won’t stop talking about it and you can’t relate. Watch season 1 right here), here’s a fun list of things only serious fans will understand.


It has been confirmed that Barb is still very much dead and won’t be returning for season 2. But that doesn’t mean we (or Nancy) have forgotten all about her.

You suddenly want to start your own radio club

Because Hawkins High Radio Club, right?

These days, Eggos is an essential item on your grocery list

So the grocery store better have it or else you’re channeling your inner Eleven

This is what your living room looked like on Halloween last year

And you’ve kept it that way since #AlphabetWall

The Upside Down is real

Or at least you’ve entertained the possible existence of a parallel universe or an extra dimension

You know who the weirdo is on Maple Street and she’s awesome.

And as a serious fan, you’d also know this is the title of the second chapter or episode of season 1, where the boys Mike, Dustin and Lucas first meet El.

When your friends think you’re keeping things from them, you’re like #FriendsDontLie

You completely agree that mornings are for coffee and contemplation.

Because coffee is life and Chief Hopper is always right

A retro trucker hat in blue, red and white is on your need-this-in-my-life list

That is if you don’t already have one

You and your friends have already planned who’s dressing up as which character from Stranger Things

You're investing in legit looks to get your Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will, Eleven, Nancy, Barb, Jonathan, Steve costumes right for Halloween.

You have the Dungeons & Dragons board game

And you play it with friends at home or sometimes at a coffee shop. And since seeing the trailer for season 2, you’ve started playing Dragon’s Lair on PlayStation, too

We’re sure you’re just as excited as we are! Don’t miss Stranger Things 2 on Netflix. Get it with Globe.

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