Netflix Anime List: Everything We Have To Look Forward To

13 new titles have been added for our streaming pleasure

There’s difficulty in wanting to watch something in particular and not being able to easily get your hands on it. But the beauty of Netflix is that it has so many other titles for you to explore in exchange for that specific one—if it isn’t already in the site’s massive library.

Netflix recently added 13 new anime titles for us to discover and enjoy. Their names may not be that familiar yet, but just try to stop yourself from binging once they’re released.

AICO Incarnation

12 episodes coming in 2018

In 2035, an experiment goes wrong and an uncontrollable lifeform called Matter explodes and quickly spreads. Two years after that Burst, a young girl discovers she might be the key to stopping the threat. But to do so, she needs to get into the heart of the quarantined zone.

B: The Beginning (formerly known as Perfect Bones)

12 episodes coming in 2018

The world is powered by advanced technology and in the nation of Cremona, crime hits an all-time high when the city is tormented by a serial killer, Killer B. Meet Koku, the protagonist, and Keith, a legendary investigator of the royal police force, as they try to solve the mystery in this suspense drama.


26 episodes, release date uncertain

Baki Hanma is on a journey to prove himself stronger than a world-renowned fighter who just happens to be his father. The world’s most violent death row inmates line up to face Baki in the hope of finding someone that can defeat him. Will he survive?

Cannon Busters

12 episodes, release date uncertain

SAM is a high class friendship droid in search for its best friend, who is the heir to a powerful kingdom that is under siege. SAM is soon joined by a quirky but discarded maintenance robot and a deadly fugitive. Together, the trio embarks on one unforgettable journey.

Children Of The Whales

Coming in 2018

A century after the world is virtually swallowed by the ocean, only 513 individuals live in isolation on an island called the Mud Whale. One day, Chakuro, the island’s archivist who has special powers, meets a mysterious young girl named Rikosu. The meeting happens as Chakuro investigates an odd ship that drifted to their shores. Are the inhabitants of Mud Whale ready to make contact with the outside world?

Devilman Crybaby

10 episodes, coming in 2018

The world is invaded by a race of demons hell bent on taking Earth from humans. Akira Fudo fuses himself with a demon and transforms into Devilman, who has the powers of a demon but the soul of a human. But Fudo soon realizes that it isn’t easy to keep hold of his humanity.


25 episodes, coming on November 7

Fourteen spirits split themselves into two groups in order to face off in an epic and magical war referred to as the Great Holy Grail War. The knights and mages show off their incredibly powers in this stunning and powerful series.

Godzilla: Monster Planet

In Japanese theaters this October, coming to Netflix in November

For the first time, Godzilla is placed in the anime world and in this story, Godzilla has dominated the world for the past 20,000 years.

Kakegurui (also known as Compulsive Gambler)

12 episodes, coming in 2018

In Hyakkaou Private Academy, rich and privileged students bet their fortunes on various games. Those who lose are forced into slavery while the winners rise to the school’s hierarchy. Everything is thrown off balance when a student enters that gambles for the thrill.

Knights of The Zodiac: Saint Seiya

12 episodes, release date uncertain

This story focuses on the heroes who have sworn to protect the reincarnated Greek goddess Athena. Each knight makes use of a unique and powerful armor based on the various zodiac signs in a battle against the Olympic gods.

Lost Song

12 episodes, coming in 2018

A young villager and a songstress living in the capital city have the power to heal wounds, create water and stir the wind with song. As the beginning of a war starts to threaten their kingdom, the young women use their power to help and heal those that they can.

Rilakkuma Series (working title)

13 episodes, release date uncertain

Rilakkuma is a familiar face—he jumped to attention in Japan when he was meant to just be a character spread for merchandise. Now he’s getting his own stop-motion animation production.

Sword Gai: The Animation

Coming in 2018

Gai has the remnants of a demon sword forged into his artificial arm. The unfortunate thing is that the sword, which has taken the blood of countless victims, sometimes has a life of its own. So whenever Gai is filled with hate, he becomes a demonic man that thirsts for murder.

Excited yet? We are!

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