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23 Songs That Will Get You Into The Christmas Cheer | go! | Globe

23 Songs That Will Get You Into The Christmas Cheer

Nostalgic to pop rock tunes to usher in the cheery holidays

We know, we know, Christmas season can be quite stressful. The workload doubles, traffic gets worse, invitations to reunions pour in, all that gift shopping that needs to be done and what, you haven’t even started decorating your pad/home? That’s okay, us, too. Take a step back, breathe and remember what the holidays are really about: family.

Speaking of family, why not invite them over for casual dinner and drinks at your house (don’t stress out and order in or do a pot luck!), and ask them to help you put up that tree. Everybody can hang his or her ornament of choice, making your décor all the more special. Use Spotify’s This is: Santa Claus playlist to complement the feels! The Beach Boys’ mood boosting, toe-tapping Little Saint Nick will go well with that dinner spread while Jessie J’s Man With the Bag will get you on your feet, glass of red in hand. Kelly Clarkson’s Run Run Rudolph or Pentatonix’s Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy are not your usual holiday songs; they will get your head banging, your shoulders popping and those hips shaking. For when you need to sit down after all that dancing around the tree, there’s Patti Page’s Boogie Woogie Santa Claus and The Jackson’s 5’s must-sing-along-to I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. See the full playlist below:

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