4 Lines From ILY To Death That We Can All Secretly Relate To

For the hopeless romantics, here’s some comic relief

We Pinoys are suckers for tearjerkers because deep down, though we all try to put up an icy front, we’re all sappy, hopeless romantics. But TBH, crying over anything and everything that’s capable of tugging on your heartstrings can be exhausting (we’re looking at you, Jollibee). So in any case you need some comic relief from last week’s and this morning’s cryfest, watch Miko Livelo’s I Love You To Death and get a load of hugot lines we can all secretly relate to.

When you’re still single 3 years after your last relationship…

You pray hard to the heavens and say, “Ang wish ko, sana dumating na yung lalaking mag-mamahal sa akin ng totoo. Yung magpaparamdam sakin na ako ang pinakamagandang babae sa paningin niya. At higit sa lahat, sana po dumating na yung lalaking patay na patay na patay sakin.” Because we all crave a love so babaw yet so deep.

When you have a friend who’s questionably GGSS (gandang ganda sa sarili) and taken. Meanwhile, you’re still single…

The friend need not say, “Gandang ganda sila sakin” because those selfies, humble brags of gifts and sweet gestures, etc. already attest to that. You love your friend so you like her posts. But deep down this is what you really want to say, “I can’t even.”

When you’ve just started dating again and you imagine him asking you to make the relationship official…

If you could orchestrate this moment, you’d want him to say, “You don’t have to say yes, just kiss me.”

When you guys are Facebook official just two weeks after dating…

Because bitter hearts and trolls roam freely in the world of social media. Don’t let the haters keep you from sharing happy and tender (but hopefully very PG) moments on social. If they happen to question your happiness with passive-aggressive comments that really say, “Sigurado ka bang hindi na magbabago isip mo,” try not to retort with “May issue ka ba sakin?” and just scroll past it.

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