4 Times A Series of Unfortunate Events Spoke The Hard Truth

We all need a reality check



If you haven’t seen or read A Series of Unfortunate Events, it’s about three orphaned children (the Baudelaire’s), who are sent to live with a distant relative (Count Olaf) after their parents die in a mysterious fire. It’s revealed early on that this relative, the Count, will do anything to get his hands on the children’s massive fortune. Netflix will fill you in on the details when you decide to binge-watch the series in the coming days.


Now let’s talk about why watching A Series Of Unfortunate Events is like getting a much needed slap across the face: it never spares the audience from the truth. Here are some of the truths we’ve learned from the series.



Truth #1

One of the trailers for the A Series of Unfortunate Events opens with Lemony Snicket a.k.a Daniel Handler, the author/producer himself, telling audiences to go stream something else. Why? Because if they’re looking for a story with a happy ending, this isn’t one of them. That’s just how the story goes.


Dark, dreadful and dry, just how we like it.



Truth #2

Some things just do not work out. People experience senseless losses. Not everyone gets closure. And that’s okay because these things allow us to grow up if we let them.


Truth #3

We all need to prepare for the inevitable, like death and loneliness, and allow ourselves to feel all that comes with it because honestly, we’re not required to put up a happy or I’m-okay front when things are not going so well. It is what makes us human after all.


Truth #4

We won’t spoil the ending for you, but what we’ve learned so far is this: life will take you through turbulent waters and whether you believe it or not, you will find dry land again.



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