4 TV Shows To Watch with Family to Bring You Guys Closer

Because a family that laughs and gets freaked out together, stays together. We list down the best tv shows to watch with the fam



1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


If you’re looking for a show that hits the tragicomedy sweet spot just right, look no further than rom-com and musical theater homage Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Thoughtfully written, provocative and featuring one of television’s strongest female leads (co-creator Rachel Bloom as Rebecca Bunch) performing fantastical song-and-dance numbers that demonstrate her neurotic, romance-obsessed psyche, CXG delivers belly laughs straight to your living room. Watch this with the ladies of your family and take a shot every time one of you relates to Rebecca just a little too much. We promise, there isn’t enough alcohol in the world.


2. Black Mirror

If your parents have ever berated you for being tech-obsessed (“Ayan, kaka-computer mo!”), this show should give you some insight into what they might fear every time they catch you on your phone at the dinner table. An anthology series in the speculative fiction genre, Black Mirror dramatizes current society’s creeping tech-based paranoia. Every episode gives us a lot to chew on, posing questions about morality and machines, the lengths humanity might go to to master death and the pitfalls of instant social media gratification, among other anxieties. Make watching this a nightly family event and see if your parents ever ease up on blaming computers for everything—and hey, maybe you’ll start reconsidering your digital dependence, too.


3. The Mind of a Chef


Putting a meal together in your kitchen with whomever happens to be the designated family cook is a bonding opportunity that the Food Network has helped elevate. The Mind of a Chef is unlike any other cooking show and takes the conversation a step further by intellectualizing the whole food prep process, approaching it from the various lenses of science, history and travel. The assertion is implicit: good food, more than anything else, helps us relate to the world. If the documentary-lite format makes it sound like it might be a snoozefest, don’t dismiss it just yet. Like that weird-looking beef dish your mom made you try once that turned out to be delicious, The Mind of a Chef is a worthwhile feast.


4. Fresh Off the Boat


Finally, an American sitcom that features fully realized Asian-Americans as the main protagonists. Not as secondary characters with indistinct personalities who exist solely for “diversity purposes,” but as the actual main players. That’s right, the whole Fresh Off the Boat cast is truly Asian. The series intelligently and humorously tackles all the joys and pains of chasing the “American Dream,” of attempting to assimilate into American society, of feeling disconnected from your history (“You don’t like my xiaolongbao?”), all from the perspective of the Huang family, living in suburban Florida circa 1995. It’s a comedy that would certainly be enjoyable to anyone, no matter the race, but the experience becomes infinitely more uplifting when coupled with a strong sense of Asian pride.

Words Ayana Tolentino

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