4 Wonderful Things To Experience In The Island of Guimaras

Anjo Damiles and Chino Roque take us on a journey we’re not going to forget

All around the Philippines, there are literally thousands of islands that boast breathtaking beaches. But among these rightful claims, only Guimaras can stand out for their world-record holding mangoes. And while the province is internationally known as one of the biggest exporters of the sweet fruit, the little island actually has so much more to offer.

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BPI Mango Farm

No one can go to Guimaras and not have a taste of their fresh mangoes, of which even Anjo Damiles and Chino Roque were taken aback. The BPI Mango Farm is filled with trees that are over five decades old and seem to touch each other by their branches, creating a canopy as far as the eye can see.

Sit down on the ground and have a break. Cut up a freshly picked mango, take a bite and be transported to a time that was simpler and yet oddly more satisfying.

Woodland Bike Park

Yes, Guimaras is known for its mangoes, but it’s also become a haven for mountain bikers everywhere. The Woodland Bike Park in particular is a popular spot to hit if you want to break a sweat and get distracted by nature. The area’s topography is ideal for those looking for a little adventure, but it doesn’t force you to move fast-paced at all.

The park itself is breathtaking, because the environment has been kept intact and untouched. And if the beauty of it doesn’t keep you peddling, we don’t know what else possibly could.

San Lorenzo Wind Farm

One other site to see in Guimaras is the San Lorenzo Wind Farm, which is the first of its kind in the entire Visayas. It might be overdone and too mentioned at this point, since the province is well known for it, but it’s a tourist spot you will not want to miss. The space is incredibly overwhelming and is the perfect symbol of green energy.

Guimaras needs just two wind turbines to power its entire area, but the San Lorenzo Wind Farm has as many as 27 scattered around. What comes across as you walk around is a space that is clean, renewable and sustainable. It will make you wonder why wind energy isn’t the norm—and get you hoping it becomes so.  

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Guimaras Strait

By default, the island of Guimaras is full of beautiful beaches. But the Guimaras Strait is something right out of the movie. Along the body of water, there is a concrete trail that can be walked on or biked on—depending on your preference.

No matter how you choose to get across it, don’t forget to breathe in the salty air. It will slow you down, both literally and figuratively.  

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