5 Coldplay Videos That Give Us Good Vibes

Their songs may hit us right in the feels, but these boys know how to have fun, too

Coldplay has made a name for itself by creating anthems that speak to our hearts and emotions. More than once have we sung to Fix You while on the way home from a road trip and screamed to the top of our lungs as Viva La Vida blasted from our speakers. We don’t deny it, and neither should you. But it’s important to know that these boys know how to have fun, too.

A collection of Coldplay’s funniest moments

Chris Martin and Guy Berryman in an interview, while they awkwardly introduce themselves as members of a young Coldplay. Chris describing their sound as “tasty,” as he compares the group to a plate of chips, bacon, eggs and mushrooms. The front man having trouble with the keyboard after he admits how troubling it is to go from playing in stadiums to being responsible for a humble stage.

Seriously, these boys will get that smile on your face!

Chris Martin’s Carpool Karaoke

If you ever wanted to see one of the biggest names in music holding up a sign that says “Superbowl, San Francisco” because he can’t get a ride, comedian James Corden has you. Here, Chris has to explain “American Football,” sing to some of Coldplay’s most popular hits and correct James on the group’s lyrics.

Coldplay performs to an empty field

In a sit down interview with the entire band, Chris and Will Champion discuss the time that Coldplay was hired to play at a festival, which was supposed to kick off at 11:30 in the morning. But by the time the promotors asked them to go on stage, the gates to the festival had not been opened yet. Definitely a change from their sold out concerts!

Beyoncé rejecting Coldplay

Chris tells Graham Norton about the time that Coldplay went to Beyoncé for a collaboration and she showed them the door. Leave it up to Queen Bey to put down an offer by one of the biggest bands in music.

Chris Martin vs Bruno Mars

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon gives Chris some advice on Bruno Mars, who reportedly challenged the Coldplay singer to a dance-off. Well, Bruno Mars might have some serious moves, but we have to say that Chris has some of his own, too. 

Coldplay’s A Head Full Of Dreams concert kicks off in Manila on April 4 at the SM MOA Grounds. 

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