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5 Kilig Moments in Pinoy Rom-Coms You Wish Happened To You | go! | Globe

5 Kilig Moments in Pinoy Rom-Coms You Wish Happened To You

We promise you’ll swoon when you watch these movies

We love movies that make us believe in forever. And whether or not we want to admit it, we just can’t get enough of them. Rom-coms have been a big part of the Philippine film industry and our daily lives. So we pay tribute to our favorite Pinoy love stories with a list of five on-screen kilig moments we wish happened to us, too.

1. The Achy Breaky Hearts (2016): Ian Veneracion and Jodi Sta. Maria

This movie is a treasure trove of kilig moments. That’s what you get when you put Ian Veneracion and Richard Yap in a single production, plus the talented Jodi Sta. Maria who embodies our kilig like no other (and by the way scored an Emmy nomination for Best Actress for Pangako Sa’Yo!). But amongst the many grand gestures in the film, it is perhaps the most subtle moments that gave us the most feelings. Take for example Ryan (Veneracion) and Chinggay’s (Santamaria) moment in the Asgard Room—two broken-hearted people finding themselves perfectly understood by the other while feeling sparks shooting between them. Also, who wouldn’t be freaking out of their ovaries when you have Ian's face only inches away from you, right?

Go ahead, take a moment.

2.  The Achy Breaky Hearts (2016): Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria

Of course, since the rom-com has to do with a love triangle involving the characters of Yap, Santamaria and Veneracion, we have to include a kilig moment with Sir Chief, too. That part where Chinggay and Frank (Yap) reminisced about happier times and seemed like they would get back together—and in the place they wanted to call their home—was a moment we can all relate to. Frank inching closer towards Chinggay and then cupping the back of her head with his hands? That’s how someone is supposed to try and win an ex back—after proving he’s become a better man, of course. It was just shivers all over because the tension was palpable.

3. A Very Special Love (2008): John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo

To be honest, this entire trilogy was lit with the feels. Miggy Montenegro (John Lloyd Cruz) sets the bar high in the wooing-your-girl-with-a-grand-gesture scale when he pulls off the synchronized post-it production at the end of the movie. You can hear all hearts melting into a one big puddle when that truck moves out of the way to reveal Miggy in his signature shades, holding flowers for Laida (Sarah Geronimo). It’s his confidence. His charm. His willingness to look like a fool in front of everybody or how everyone else doesn’t matter in that moment.

Also, when he did her signature rain dance? Adorable.

4. Who’s That Girl (2011): Luis Manzano and Anne Curtis

This movie is more comedy than romance, but there’s this one scene that audeinces will never forget: John Eduque (Luis Manzano) brings Elizabeth (Anne Curtis) to their old university and finally completes her one condition to be her soulmate. We see him fighting for her, too—and who wouldn’t want that? What more, a fountain goes off in the scene, so it looks like they were expressing their love in the rain. Total cliché, but very romantic.

5. Imagine You and Me (2016): Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza

Last, but most definitely not the least, is the final scene of Imagine You and Me. I know this one’s a bit of a dead giveaway because kissing scenes are a sure-fire kilig-trigger. But this one has got more to do with the relief that the kiss happened and it happened at the right time. AlDub fans everywhere swooned when the supercouple finally locked lips.

The build-up was real, and it was all oh-so-worth-it when Andrew (Richards) finally grabbed and twirled Gara (Mendoza) and pulled her in for a kiss. Nothing like a guy who knows how to wait and how to please.

Words Czarinna Anthea Reyes

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