5 Questions We Want Answered in Narcos Season 2

Will Pablo live like a fugitive?

At last, Season 2 of Narcos is finally here!

The Netflix series based on the life of Pablo Escobar, head of the Medellin drug cartel and kingpin of the underworld in Colombia from the late 70s until the early 90s, gained a lot of fans after it was released last year.  

Although producers admit that some characters were changed and drama was added in certain storylines, revisions don't take away from the narrative to describe how the situation was in Colombia during the boom of cocaine industry in the 80s. The end of the first season saw Pablo (played by Wagner Moura) escape La Catedral, the prison he built for himself despite getting stormed by Colombian Special Forces for taking the vice minister of justice hostage.

What will happen next? We’re also dying to find out! And before we binge watch it this weekend, here are five questions we wish to find answers to.

Question #1: Will Pablo live like a fugitive?
After easily escaping La Catedral, we’re left wondering how the Colombian authorities will use their resources to catch Pablo. Will he live in hiding or will he flaunt that he’s a step ahead of the government as we’ve seen throughout season 1? We’ll certainly find out, that’s for sure.  

Question #2: Will people think differently of Pablo?
Season 1 showed us two sides of Pablo Escobar. One is ruthless in expanding his business and mercilessly kills. The other is a philanthropist, helping his countrymen, especially residents of his hometown Medellin, financially and through the schools, hospitals, soccer fields and other edifices he had built. But after all the killings and the hostage crisis in La Catedral, we’d really like to know if Colombian opinion of him will change.

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Question #3: Will Colonel Horacio Carrillo be back this season?
Last season saw the leader of the Search Bloc (aka the Catch Pablo Task Force) Colonel Horacio Carrillo (played by Maurice Compete), relieved from his post and exiled to Spain after the government settled with Pablo’s jail terms. Carrillo was the only law enforcer Pablo seemed to fear and was hell-bent on catching him. Now that Pablo has escaped, will the government bring him back in?

Question #4: Up to what lengths are the DEA guys willing to go to catch Pablo?
The story of Narcos is stemming from the narration of Alex Murphy (played by Boyd Holbrook), an agent of US Drug Enforcement Agency tasked to take Pablo down. He and his colleague Javier Pena (played by Pedro Pascal) tried several methods throughout season 1 to get substantial evidence against Pablo and extradite him to the US. But with Pablo escaping yet again, we’re left wondering if they’re done going about things the right way and will perhaps attempt to go the extrajudicial route. Hopefully, season 2 gives us an answer.

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Question #5: Will the Cali Cartel get the upper hand?
Historically, the Cali Cartel—the chief rivals of Pablo’s Medellin Cartel—takes over after his death. It’s no spoiler by the way, since the series is mostly based on a true story. But with Pablo being the focus of a government manhunt, will we see the Cali Cartel’s rise? They were, after all, introduced in season 1. And with things heating up for Pablo, the rival gang might just be a huge part of the storyline leading to season 3. Well, let’s all find out this weekend shall we? 

Words by: Wayne Tulio

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